Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogger Application

Ahoy there!

That Swashbuckler be lookin' for a blogger er two! Due to the large amount of new updates, increase of members & page views, and the fact that That Swashbuckler is getting ready for some new features, we need your help! So if you're interested in helping out, please answer the following questions truthfully, and professionally. These questions will give us information on your knowledge of Pirate101, your pirate, your ways of blogging, and reasons why you'd like to blog for us.  You have until Sunday, May 12th at midnight EST to turn in your application. The blogger(s) will be announced the next day. More.. well tons of information will be sent to your email address if you are picked as the blogger(s).

Good luck! 

Please fill out your application here: 

If Have you have any questions please leave me a comment. I will get back to you in 1 - 12 hours.

Cya in Them Beautiful Skyways!
-Alexander da Coolest

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two New Worlds?!

Pirate101 sent us, pirates, on a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces! Find all the puzzle pieces, put them together, and discover an image of one of two worlds! Two puzzles to put together for two images of two different worlds! To get you started on your scavenger hunt here are two free puzzle pieces found at the Pirate101 Facebook Page. More puzzle pieces can be found throughout the official Pirate101 Fansites, including StormGate Pirates over the next couple of days!

Nobody knows for sure what the two worlds are, but most people, including me, guess on MarleyBone, and Aquila

Feel free to discuss your puzzle piece findings in the comments! Oh, I just found one at Pirates-of-the-Spiral!

Good luck!

Cya in them beautiful Stormgates!
~Alexander da Coolest

Thursday, April 11, 2013

101 Day of the Year Sale!

Update: This Sale is Now Over

Ahoy Mateys!

I'm sure you've already guessed what's so special about the 101th day of the year! 

To celebrate, Pirate101 reduced the price of 5 mystery crowns-items in the Crown Shop to just 101 crowns for today only!  
However, if you're feeling lazy today and don't want to log in and find out which 5 items are on sale, that's okay, we'll tell you! 

Please don't read on if you would like to keep it a surprise until you log in!

1. Pirate Flag

This item is originally 300 crowns, but on sale for 101 crowns for today only! That's 199 crowns to save! 

This awesome housing item is a wall-hanging, and would look great on the walls of your house!

2. Gold Boost Elixir

This item is originally 425 crowns, but on sale for 101 crowns for today only! That's 324 crowns tosave!

This elixir increases your gold rewards by 10% and lasts for 1 hour.  Great way to get some gold while your questing!

3. Sky Destroyer Armor

This item is originally 750 crowns, but on sale for 101 crowns for today only! That's 649 crowns to save!

This item is for armor for your ship!  This items requires:

Pirate Origin

Frigate (Medium) Hull Size

Nautical Level 4+ Only

So if your ship meets the requirements above, protect it with:

+122 Hull Intregity

+2 Defense

+2 Hull Armor

4. MorningStar Anchor

This item is originally 500 crowns, but on sale for 101 crowns for today only! That's 499 crowns to save!

This item is an anchor for your ship! This item requires:

Origin: Any

Frigate (Medium) Hull Size

Nautical Level 4+ Only

So if your ship meets the requirements above, protect it with:

12 Hull Repair Rate

+9% Boost Fuel Capacity

+6% Boost Fuel Efficiency 

5. Scallywag's Patch

This item is originally 350 crowns, but on sale for 101 crowns for today only! 

Ever wanted an eye-patch for your pirate? Eye-patches are one of my favorite items in the game!

This item is a token. And anyone can equip it! Plus it helps you in battles by giving you:

+1 Damage

+1 Accuracy

+1 Dodge


Plus if you redeem the code '2013101Days' at the Pirate101 Website you get a free Pirate eyepatch for Pirate101 plus a free Fickle Pickle Seed for Wizard101 in the same code!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pick-a-Companion Contest Results

Congratulations to Hunter Moon for winning a Sloth Mount in Pick-a-Companion! Further instructions for your prize have been sent to you via PM on Legends of the Spiral. Please respond by 10:00 PM EST to claim your prize, or your prize will be given to someone else. 

More contests will be posted later, keep checking back!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pick-a-Companion Contest!

Ahoy there!

Happy April everyone! 

T' start out our 4th month of th' year, we're gonna gonna have some contests for you all month! How about we start off our first contest right now?
Below be a game from Legends of the Spiral called Pick-a-Thing. In this case, it's called Pick-a-Companion. Most o' you already know about it. But if you haven't, this game be very simple. Just click one on one of th' companions below and see how many points you get. You could receive 25-50 points. You can pick once per hour, yep, hour, so better stay up if you really wanna win! I understand most of you have school, and I apologize for the disadvantage to you, but there will be more contests for you in the future! By April 6th, at Midnight EST, whoever has th' most points wins a Sloth Mount for either Wizard101, or Pirate101, yerr choice!

Please Note: If you will not be on from April 6th 12:00 AM EST - April 7th 12:00 AM EST, I will have to give your prize to someone else since the Sloth Mount will have left by then.

If you have any questions about this contest, please comment below and expect a response in less than 24 hours. 

Big thank you to Legends of the Spiral  for this awesome contest!

Expect more April contests comin' really soon!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

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