Monday, January 28, 2013

Pirate101 Interview with Ambrose2Zeke!

Ahoy there!

Today we've got somethin' special for ya'll! 

We've got the honor of interviewing John, the creator of Ambrose2Zeke! My questions are in LIME. I hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did!

-Hey John! I see you own Ambrose2Zeke. When was Ambrose2Zeke first released to the public?
I started Ambrose2Zeke as a blog in April 2010, hosted on a free blogging service. I was lucky enough to already have a bit of experience in HTML (the code that makes up websites), but what I learned from the first year writing, designing and tweaking code within my own blog helped me create a full website, which we now know as, that launched in April 2011.

-What was your first reaction when you found out Ambrose2Zeke  became an Official Pirate101 Fansite?

 My jaw hit the floor. To this day I cannot be thankful enough towards everyone who enjoys the site, everyone who participates in our contests, talks to us through social media and comments on our articles, everyone who has supported me and of course to KingsIsle. I am truly grateful. This is what I enjoy doing and to have even one person show their appreciation or enjoyment of it is extremely heart warming. I still don't quite believe it! Thank you and I hope to continue being a part of this community for a very long time!

-Do you have a Pirate? If so, what level and school is he?
Of course! I have a Privateer named Inky John who's only in the mid-20's. I like to take things slowly and sometimes just enjoy logging in and customizing my ship and house. I have also been busier in real life than I would like, meaning my adventures in the Skyways are somewhat restricted right now. I'm hoping to blast through some more levels when I get the chance.

-What area are you currently questing in?
Cool Ranch! The western theme is very awesome, but I can't wait to reach Mooshu though!

-Is there anything new coming to Ambrose2Zeke that you would like to share?
Lots! We've got regular Pirate101 features involving companions, ships and more coming soon. Wizard101 features are due to receive a bit more love too. Lots of regular content is the aim. These may take a little while to prepare but hopefully it will be worth the wait. Of course we'll also be continuing to upload gameplay videos and other such fun to Ambrose2Zeke TV (the video section of the site). I'm aware that Wizard101 videos are lacking as of right now, but that should change very soon.
In the slightly more distant future we have more Ambrose2Zeke Champions contests, which I have promised to keep a lid on until they're a lot closer to completion. I can tell you this though - they are packed with a lot more story, more characters, even greater adventures and of course prizes. We've been constantly working on this since the last Ambrose2Zeke Champions, so please look forward to it!
-Is there anything special you want to show us?
Did I say I'd keep a lid on Ambrose2Zeke Champions? Well, I suppose for you I can give a very small sneak peek!
-And as Chris would ask, Llamas or Alpacas?
An impossible question, but the Pirate in me wants to say "llARRRRmas".

Thanks again for the awesome interview John!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tribal Crew Pack Giveaway Winners!


I see you've come to see who won them Tribal Crew Packs, eh? Well let's skip to what you've came here for! With 31 entries total, here are your winners:

Winner #1: DarkBear

Winner #2: Sydney DarkEyes

Winner #3: IceRiver 

All winners have been emailed. 

Also be sure to follow me, @AlexStormRider on Twitter for some Twitter contests! 

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tribal Crew Pack Giveaway!

Ahoy there!

We be having our second contest for January! 

This contest will be for the new Tribal Crew Pack! If you don't know what that is, please read about it here.
This contest is really simple, this is all you have to do:

Become a Matey here on That Swashbuckler! Just scroll down the page a little and look to your right. You will see a button that says 'Join this site', click on it. Once you've joined That Swashbuckler, please comment below with the name you used to join us! If you have joined our site in the past, all you need to do is comment with your name you used to join,

All valid entries will be entered into a raffle. There will be 3 winners! 3 lucky people will receive 1 code for a Tribal Crew Pack!

This contest ends tonight (January 19th) at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck everybody!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Tribal Crew Pack!

Ahoy there!

Today Pirate101 released their first pack ever in the Live Game! You may have remembered the Troggy Booster Pack back in Beta, it was a great pack but unfortunately it couldn't make it's way to the Live Game due to some problems.

The Tribal Crew Pack is Here!

This pack gives you a chance at:

  • Aztecosaur Companions
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Pirate Treasures That Can be Sold at Vendors for Gold
  • Housing Items
  • Pets
  • Training Tomes
  • And much More!

It seems like this pack is based on Azteca from Wizard101! This pack is definitely available for all schools, but I opened 5 packs today, and noticed that the gear and weapons mostly benefit Witchdoctors! So if you're a Witchdoctor, I would highly recommend checking out the pack.

From the 5 Tribal Crew Packs I opened, I received amazing items! Here are just a few screenshots of what I got:

Moonhunter's Helm

Sun Priest's Sandals

Calacan WarHammer

All Together:

Scrimshaw Drake

Citrine Ankylosaur

Hunter Puma

I really love how you get such awesome items when only buying a few. It's totally worth buying! So if you haven't already, be sure to buy a pack or two from the Crown Shop. It only costs 399 crowns per pack, but if you don't have any crowns, you can buy some at the Pirate101 Website.

Be sure to comment below with what you got from the pack!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Website Scavenger Hunt Contest Results!

Ahoy there!

It be time to announce the winners of the Website Scavenger Hunt Contest! There was over 25 people participating in this contest and out of them all, here are your winners!

Winner of the 5,000 Crowns Raffle: Elemeno511

Winner of the Tropical Sky Snake Pet: Blakeee

Winner of the 5,000 Crowns Pirate Word Unscrambling: Jake

Winner of the Wizard101 Snowy Cat Pet: Amber Firesword

Winner of the Random Wizard101 Wand: Clever Cole Collins

All winners have been emailed with their codes. Thank you all for participating!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Contest #1!

Ahoy there!

 Before we get started, That Swashbuckler Staff hopes you had an amazin' New Year! Still feels like 2012, doesn't it? Well, it's 2013! And we'd like t' start this year off with a contest. There will be other contests later this month, this is only number one!

This Contest is OVER!

That Swashbuckler Site Scavenger Hunt!

Can you find em' all?

Starting today, January 8, 2013 until January 14, there will be pirate ships with a word on them hidden around the site. Everyday, one pirate ship will be added. Look around the site everyday at around 4:00 pm EST for the new ship added! Once you find one, send an email to with the word written on the ship. By January 15th, all the people who found all 7 ships will be entered in a raffle for 5,000 crowns! Also, for the people who found all 7 by January 14th, the person who took the shortest time all together will receive a Tropical Sky Snake Pet! But that's not all! At a random date, and a random time from January 8th to January 14th, there will be a pirate with letters on him. You need to unscramble the letters and send the word to the email listed above. The first person to do so will receive 5,000 crowns, the second person will receive a Wizard101 Snowy Cat Pet, and the third person will win a random Wizard101 Wand.

Pirate Ship With a Mystery Word:

Pirate With a Word You Must Unscramble:

Start Date: January 8th 
End Date: January 14th

Prizes: 5,000 Crowns Codes, Tropical Sky Snake Pet, Wizard101 Snow Cat Pet, Random Wizard101 Wand

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours!

Cya in the Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest
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