Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aquila first thoughts

Aquila takes place back in the Golden Age of Greco-Roman times. It's focused on the area's mythology, the gods and monsters of the ancient times. After you complete the Trafalgar Vortex in Marleybone and free Catbeard, you're sent on your way to the beautiful skyway of Aquila. There you'll encounter Manticores, Vultures, and a whole ton of other creatures to spar against on your quest to recover another piece of Marco Pollo's map.

I think Aquila is a great world. I've been waiting for a Greco-Roman themed world since I started playing Wizard101. Greek mythology is a very neat thing to learn about and study, and it puts a smile on my face every time I hear a reference to a specific myth or legend from mythology in Aquila.
Aquila is also a very challenging world. Right off the bat you are sent to defeat and collect from Harpies. The battle is very tough, mostly because they have the third-tier vengence strike, which is hard to deal with. My firstmate, Ratbeard, has the third-tier first strike, so every time he attacked the Harpies, he would get to attack them first for their vengence strike. On the plus side, Ratbeard usually would get three or four hits on them in one round. On the downside, they would get about the same amount of attacks in on Ratbeard, so he'd usually die in battle because of the damage the Harpies can do.
I'm only in the beginning of Aquila because I haven't had a lot of play time, but I'm looking forward to questing and learning more about the myths and monsters of Aquila.

The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates
Perilous Oliver Paisley

Friday, June 21, 2013

Twizard Trivia Contest Winner!

Ahoy there!

A few days ago I gave away a $20 Card as part of our birthday contests!

It was a long trivia, and out of 24 questions, our lucky winner was Ma1Kavian! Congratulations!

Thanks for participating, and keep checking back for more contests.

Monday, June 17, 2013

That Swashbuckler Celebrates Their First Birthday!

Today That Swashbuckler has been in the Pirate101 Community for 1 whole year.

We'd like to thank all our mateys for all the feedback and support you've given us in the past year. Without all of you, That Swashbuckler probably wouldn't be here today. So to thank you all, I've put together quite a few contests for you this month. They aren't quite ready yet. And I apologize for that, but as you wait for the real contests, feel free to enter our Birthday Raffle below. Some prizes are Wizard101-related, but I know that lots of you also play Wizard101, so I figured I'd toss those into the Birthday Raffle too.
Good luck, and keep checking back for more contests!

Bottles of Yum for all! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marleybone comes to a close

Now that I've taken down Beachhead and saved the Isle of Fetch, I've become better known in the Marleybone circles. I was asked by the army to help fix their war machines, which supposedly can make a difference in the outcome of the war. Unfortunately, these golems can't even stand, much less strike fear into the hearts of Armada forces. I had to journey on both land and sky to gather all the parts to fix them. When I got all the parts and tried to fix them, though, I encountered a nasty surprise. The machines were attacking ME! After defeating the golems, I was tasked with rescuing the son of the fox who programmed the war machines. I reported back to the war room, and received my last combat quest in Marleybone. I needed to save a military official, and stop on of the high-ranking Armada members, Rooke. After a long and challenging dungeon (thanks to Dead-Eye Justin for helping me out) I was granted commision from the Marleybone military, and so was able to rescue Catbeard! Now it's onto Aquila.

I thought Marleybone was a great world. It was very beautiful, and I loved how it was always nighttime. I also loved the story of Marleybone and how challenging it was. You could usually get through the street mobs without much concern, but with the dungeons you usually want a friend to come. I felt the world was relatively short. There is only one skyway, at least that we know of, and there were only a handful of areas in the skyway. Overall, however, I thought Marleybone was a great world. Hopefully Aquilla is just as good, if not better.

Not exactly combat-ready.

Where is Albion?

The ruins of Rooke's ship and the HMS Victory.

The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates
Perilous Oliver Paisley

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Pirate101 Commercial!

Ahoy there!

Kingsisle released an awesome new commercial the other day. This commercial shows all the classes of Pirate101. It comes very often on Nickelodeon, but if you haven't seen it yet, click the image below!

Swashbucklers rule!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Private eye Paisley and the case of the rebel kitties

The Kurghas, Marleybone's elite fighting force of tigers, is rebelling. I was sent to investigate the rebellion by the Marleybone navy. The Kurgha rebellion started after Marleybone started fabricating newer and better food for the felines. The new food was suupposed to be better for the Kurghas than their old food, but for some reason they didn't like it. I was charged with the duty of diplomacy to the Kurghas by the Marleybone Navy. After some battles, I encountered a Kurgha that apparently knew my parents, Jabdal Chand. Thankfully, I was able to fix the problem, and get the cats back on our side. Now it's off to the Marleybone Sewers for my next assignment. Why I can't have a desk job, I'm not sure.
Is this the place we saw as concept art before Marleybone and Aquila were confirmed?

How did he know my parents? And where is Rajah?

The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates
Perilous Oliver Paisley

Monday, June 3, 2013

Zeke Quest Guide - A Flock of Seagulls

Valencia Zeke Quest: A Flock of Seagulls

Below are maps of the Seagulls' locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The gypsy kings will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding the Seagulls

1. Captain Steed's Villa

2. Sivella 

3. The Laurentine Library

4. Granchia 

5. Armada Fortress

6. Granchia Catacombs

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zeke Quest Guide - Gypsy Kings

Monquista Zeke Quest: Gypsy Kings

 Below are maps of the Gypsy Kings' locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The gypsy kings will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding the Gypsy Kings

1. Monquista City

Once you're in Monquista City, go near the castle's left side, and look between the two houses.

2. Zendra

Just search around the back of the prison walls.

3. St. Bonobo's Abbey

Go to the Queen's Tower and look to the right of the outside of the tower wall.

4. La Mancha 

Cross the bridge and then keep to the right side until you reach a boulder. Go around it and you'll see the gypsy king.

5.  Diablo Cut Docks

When you enter the docks, go to the life fountain, and then go up the hill and you'll see the gypsy king behind  some bushes.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zeke Quest Guide - Marquis Mark and the Funky Bunch

Skull Island Zeke Quest: Marquis Mark and the Funky Bunch

 Below are maps of the bananas' locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The bananas will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding the Funky Bunch

1. Skull Island (Free-to-Play Area)

Just cross the bridge nearest to the X and look to your left.

2. Traitor's Cave - Blood Shoals (Free-to-Play Area)

The banana is located behind the table full of food.

3. Light House - Ruined Light House (Cost: 749 Crowns)
First, cross the bridge, there will be a path with foot prints. But don't take that path. The path on the left of it is the one you have to take. Keep walking on that path till' you reach the first spot you can turn left to. There should be this broken house with no doors, windows, and not even a roof. Just a broken house laying in the grass. Walk into it and you will see the bananas.

4. Captain Gunn's Tomb - Bounty Island (Cost: 749 Crowns)

Once you walk into the tomb where Captain Gunn is dead, the bananas are right next to him.

5.  Volcano - Waponi Wu (Cost: 749 Crowns)

Head to the top of the volcano where you will see Chumba Wumba. The bananas will be on the left side of him.

6. Scurvy Dog - Scurvy Dog Hide Out (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

On the right side of the stairs, they are two little buildings. In between them is where the bananas are located.

7. The Gold Mine - Sacrifice Cave (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

This is the easiest way I can put it. When you first enter the cave, don't move. Now, hold your UP arrow key down until you bump into this thing with blue designs on it. Go around it and continue going straight. You will see the bananas.

8. Valley of the Gold Monkey - The Gold Mine (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

Before going up the stairs, turn left, you will see the bananas.

9. Corsair's Cove (Free-to-Play Area)

The bananas are located behind Captain Gunn's House.

10. Puerto Mico (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

Before you enter the San Mandrillo Cathedral, look to the right, you will see the bananas in a grassy area.

Note: Lots of areas come in one package, meaning you don't have to spend crowns on each area.

Change in the 'Guides' Page

Ahoy there!

I have decided to do something different with the 'Guides Tab'. Just a simple change. When clicking the 'Guides' page, instead of seeing guides right away, links to the specific post of the guide will be displayed. So the next few posts will be of Zeke Quest Guides in order of each world. 

I see quite a few people have been wanting more guides. I apologize for the temporary inactivity for new guides. Tons of new guides will be posted in the month of June, I promise!

Thanks for your patience and your feedback. It is much appreciated! :)

Cya in them beautiful skyways!
-Alexander Da Coolest
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