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Zeke Quest Guide - Marquis Mark and the Funky Bunch

Skull Island Zeke Quest: Marquis Mark and the Funky Bunch

 Below are maps of the bananas' locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The bananas will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding the Funky Bunch

1. Skull Island (Free-to-Play Area)

Just cross the bridge nearest to the X and look to your left.

2. Traitor's Cave - Blood Shoals (Free-to-Play Area)

The banana is located behind the table full of food.

3. Light House - Ruined Light House (Cost: 749 Crowns)
First, cross the bridge, there will be a path with foot prints. But don't take that path. The path on the left of it is the one you have to take. Keep walking on that path till' you reach the first spot you can turn left to. There should be this broken house with no doors, windows, and not even a roof. Just a broken house laying in the grass. Walk into it and you will see the bananas.

4. Captain Gunn's Tomb - Bounty Island (Cost: 749 Crowns)

Once you walk into the tomb where Captain Gunn is dead, the bananas are right next to him.

5.  Volcano - Waponi Wu (Cost: 749 Crowns)

Head to the top of the volcano where you will see Chumba Wumba. The bananas will be on the left side of him.

6. Scurvy Dog - Scurvy Dog Hide Out (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

On the right side of the stairs, they are two little buildings. In between them is where the bananas are located.

7. The Gold Mine - Sacrifice Cave (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

This is the easiest way I can put it. When you first enter the cave, don't move. Now, hold your UP arrow key down until you bump into this thing with blue designs on it. Go around it and continue going straight. You will see the bananas.

8. Valley of the Gold Monkey - The Gold Mine (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

Before going up the stairs, turn left, you will see the bananas.

9. Corsair's Cove (Free-to-Play Area)

The bananas are located behind Captain Gunn's House.

10. Puerto Mico (Cost: 1249 Crowns)

Before you enter the San Mandrillo Cathedral, look to the right, you will see the bananas in a grassy area.

Note: Lots of areas come in one package, meaning you don't have to spend crowns on each area.

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  1. Thanks so much for this guide, I finished the quest on me and my bro's pirates :)


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