Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still Snowing?

Update: Snow Has Now Stopped Falling

Ahoy there!

Ye must be wondering why it's still snowing here on That Swashbuckler? It's Spring, isn't it?

 Well, I've decided to keep the snow falling (yes, I have magical powers to control the weather here on That Swashbuckler) until it would stop snowing where the staff lives. And that won't be anytime soon, there's about to be a big snowstorm where I live. Oh well, better make some snowmen, snow angels, or have a snowball fight here before the snow leaves That Swashbuckler!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"We're Back!' Contest Winner!

Ahoy there.. again!

Come back to see the winner of them 5,000 crowns so soon, eh? 
Maybe you won? If you put the answer 'Kelsey FireHeart', you're one step closer to them crowns, it is the correct answer!

Note: I am well aware that there was an extra 'h' in the puzzle, therefore, if you put your answer as 'Kelsey FireHearth' or something like that, it will be counted as correct.

With about 22 people participating, and just a few seconds of differences, your lucky winner is.. 

Jack McKiney!

I'll be sending you your code.. via.. FB Message, I guess.

You guys were VERY close, just seconds away. Especially James DC, Swordroll, and Jack D. Shield. Thanks for participating, keep checking back for more contests, as soon as codes are available to us. There will be a 'Pick-It!' contest soon for some epic prizes!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
~Alexander da Coolest

We're Back!

Ahoy there!

Sorry, we haven't been blogging that much lately, the staff has been very busy in real life, and there was barely even enough time to make one post. Plus Pirate101 didn't give us anything to blog about either. But we're back now! Expect more blog posts, lots more contests, and some more guides! 

Anyway, guess what Pirate101 has been up to?

Pirate101 Test Realm is now open again!

Before I get you in on the updates, read the for this test realm: 

  • This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership

  •  This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days

  •  This Test Realm is NOT available to Free to Play Players.

 This time the main thing in the test realm is.. stitching! You might already know stitching from Wizard101, but in-case you don't know what it is:

Step 1: Select the item you want to use for the Appearance. 

Step 2: Select the item you want to use for the Stats. 

Step 3: Click Create and you'll have a whole new outfit with the look and stats you want combined into one!

And this whole process is only 100 crowns per item!

Awesome right? So if you're interested in stitching, look for Eloise MerryWeather outside of the Kraken Skulls Tavern:

However, remember that for weapons, the type of weapon can only be stitched to that kind of weapon. 
For example: Shooty weapons can not be stitched to a two-handed sword. It can only be stitched to another shooty weapon.

Hey, I almost forgot! I got so caught up in stitching I forgot the other updates in the Test Realm. Some updates have been added for F2P players, check out all the updates at the Pirate101 Wesbite!

Update: This Contest is Now CLOSED

We understand some of you don't have crowns and won't be getting any anytime soon, so here's a little contest for you!


             Unscramble That #Twirate!

This is a really simple contest. This is all you have to do, unscramble the letters to reveal a name of a #twirate! Here are the letters:

K L S F  E Y E R E I E A  T R


1st Place: 5,000 Crowns

End Date:

This contest ends when someone has unscrambled the puzzle.

First person to unscramble it, wins!

Good luck!

Cya in th' Stormgates!

~Alexander da Coolest

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