Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"We're Back!' Contest Winner!

Ahoy there.. again!

Come back to see the winner of them 5,000 crowns so soon, eh? 
Maybe you won? If you put the answer 'Kelsey FireHeart', you're one step closer to them crowns, it is the correct answer!

Note: I am well aware that there was an extra 'h' in the puzzle, therefore, if you put your answer as 'Kelsey FireHearth' or something like that, it will be counted as correct.

With about 22 people participating, and just a few seconds of differences, your lucky winner is.. 

Jack McKiney!

I'll be sending you your code.. via.. FB Message, I guess.

You guys were VERY close, just seconds away. Especially James DC, Swordroll, and Jack D. Shield. Thanks for participating, keep checking back for more contests, as soon as codes are available to us. There will be a 'Pick-It!' contest soon for some epic prizes!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
~Alexander da Coolest


  1. how do you rename a pet

    1. There is a person for that at the Armor Shop in Skull Island. :)


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