Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter!

Ahoy there!

Today is June 1st, the first day of June, and that means that there is a new Pirate101 monthly newsletter! Read on for more information on the month of June for Pirate101!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Be Near!

Ahoy there!

Summer is coming up! And you know what my favorite part about that is? No more school! As a matter of fact, school just ended for me today. I will now have more time to make more posts here at That Swashbuckler as well as add new content within short intervals of time. Here's a little sneak peek of what's coming in the near future for That Swashbuckler:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Journey to Bestia

Ahoy there!

Clever Cole Collins is back, this time with the adventures of Cynical Cheyenne, the Swashbuckler!
As soon as I walked out of Avery's Office after learning of Captain Gunn's treasure, Mickey Dugan sought my help. It seems that a coliseum named Bestia is holding some big pet competition, but there is a problem. The Skull Island team lost the egg of one of the pets they were going to use.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Test Realm Game Updates Sail to Live Realm!

Ahoy there!

For those who like to be surprised, and like to skip Test Realm, there's some good news for ye! Pirate101 game updates have left Test Realm and sailed straight to Live Realm and there's plenty of new things to try out. Read on for more information on what's been added!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Inactivity, Beating the Game, and House Decorating

Avast, me hearties! Let us pillage and explore the vast skyways together,  and... Umm...
Timber our shivers?

So hey everyone. I haven't posted on the blog since my introductory post back on April 9th. I really need to fix that, and that's what I'm trying to do here. So, to introduce exactly what type of blogger I might turn out to be, here's my first adventuring post, along with a status report for how things are coming along.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hide and Seek Week! - CONTEST

Ahoy there!


Starting tomorrow, Monday, April 28th, we will be hosting a Hide and Seek contest all week long! Everyday one of our staff members will be hiding somewhere in the spiral, and if you are the first to find him, you'll win a really nice prize!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An introduction to the Ol' Cole

Ahoy thar!

This is Clever Cole Crow here, but you can call me Cole. I'm here reporting for the very first time on this wonderful site of That Swashbuckler. I'm the newest blogger on this site!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

Ahoy there!

Today Pirate101 released their April 2014 newsletter. It's filled with all kinds of fun stuff, including a new panorama teaser! Read on for information!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The All New Mighty Steed Mount!

Ahoy there!

Me and Umbra have written this post together to share our thoughts on this new mount! So, today Kingsisle added a new mount to both Wizard101's and Pirate101's Crown Shop. We must say, we are really impressed with this mount, even though it's an April Phule's day joke!

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Panorama Teaser! - The Underwater Grotto (3/31/2014)

Ahoy there! 

Pirate101 released a new panorama teaser today. We've had nine panorama teasers so far, and a ton of other types of teasers as well. But this panorama teaser is of the "Undewater Grotto"! It's filled with crabs and other sea creatures. If you play Wizard101, you're probably used to these kind of areas, they even have a whole world that's underwater (Celestia). But I can only think of a few underwater areas in Pirate101, so this should be interesting! If you'd like to check out the rest of the panoramas, click HERE, if you want to learn even more, you can read a more detailed post with a ton of information/theories on the current Pirate101 teasers by clicking HERE!

Please click the image below to be directed to a full-screen panorama of the 'Underwater Grotto' that you can navigate through. 

Intructions: Use your arrow keys, or click and drag with your mouse, while viewing the panorama to look around. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zeke Quest Guide - Aquila Eagles

Aquila Zeke Quest: The Eagles

Below are maps of the Rolling Stone's locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The Eagles will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding The Eagles

1. Nova Aquila

2. Knossos

3. Achaea

4. Unoculum 

5. Ithaca

6. Talos

7. Anthemusa

8. Illios

9. Laestrygon

10. Delphos

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zeke Quest Guide - Marleybone Rolling Stones

Marleybone Zeke Quest: The Rolling Stones

Below are maps of the Rolling Stone's locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The Rolling Stones  will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

 Finding the Rolling Stones

1. The Isle of Dogs

2. Barkeley Square

3. Isle of Dogs Sewers 

4. Red Fox's Lair

5. Invader Fortress Hold


To find this Rolling Stone, follow the steps below.

1. Go into Invader Fortress Hold and go to the left until you see a set of stairs.
2. Go up the stairs
3. Go down a different set of stairs where the enemies are
4. The Rolling Stone will be behind a bunch of crates

6. Isle of Dogs Sewers - LaFitte's Lair


To find this Rolling Stone follow the steps below.

1. Go into the Isle of Dogs Sewers
2. Go into Lafitte's Lair 
3. Defeat the first set of creatures
4. Turn left and keep going down the tunnel until you reach the end
5. The Rolling Stone, will be behind three crates

7. Isle of Dogs Sewers - Red Fox's Lair

8. Isle of Fetch

9. Isle of Fetch - Walkie's Hotel

10. Beachhead - Main Battery

Please Note: To get to the Main Battery in Beachhead you must finish the first area of the dungeon (Main Battery Hold). Once you do that, then you will fight Bishop for the first time. The area where you fight Bishop for the first time is called 'Main Battery'. Also, use the stairs located below, as the Rolling Stone is located on the second floor. 

11. The Wreck of the Victory

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates! 

Pirate101 Panorama Teaser

Ahoy there!

Have you heard of the newest interactive teaser from Pirate101? Now you can see most of the teasers in one place. But if you haven't seen the other teasers that are not located in this panorama teaser, and are interested in viewing them, you can check them out HERE. 

What do you think is coming to Avery's Courtyard? You'll soon find out in Spring 2014! But until then, be sure to leave a comment below with your guesses on what's to come or if you see anything interesting in the panorama, I'll be watching the comments section closely!

It's very simple to use the panorama, and very fun to navigate through as well!

Instructions: "Use your arrow keys, or click and drag with your mouse, while viewing the panorama to look around. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out."

You can check out the panorama teaser HERE, or you can stay here and access it below! If things seem a too small or you are finding it a little hard to navigate through, try the full-screen version HERE.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Site Updates

Ahoy there!

As some of you #Twirates  may know, our site has been down for almost five days now. During this time, not much was added. The main reason for this downtime was to test out some site features and to also test out a big contest we've been working on since the beginning of this month. We just couldn't have people browsing the site while things were being tested all over the place. It would end up causing a lot of problems and would also reveal  some details on our contest that you guys shouldn't know about at the moment. For almost half the time the site was pretty much "unusable" as well. Also, a specific date on when this "mystery contest" will be posted has not been determined yet. However you can definitely expect a nice, hard, challenge with extraordinary prizes! But how about we focus on the present for now?

Site Update #1: You probably noticed our new page tabs before you even started reading this post. Our old page tabs were pretty boring with just a plain Time New Roman font so we decided to make it a bit more fancier.

Site Update #2: A new poll was added too! This week's question is "Which is Your Favorite World in Pirate101?". You have seven days to pick your answer(s). Plenty of time! To vote on this poll, scroll to the top of the site and you should see the poll on the right.

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3D Mode!

Ahoy there!

Now you can browse our site in 3D mode! There's nothing that.. "useful" about this feature but I thought it was pretty cool exploring That Swashbuckler in 3D mode. 

Note: You can click on most links while in 3D mode, but some images seem to not be working. You can  enter our Hoodoo Bundle Raffle while in 3D mode though! But be sure to click on the image below, then enable 3D mode. 

The 3D Mode button is located in the row of pages above. When you're done with 3D mode, refresh the page and you will be brought back to 2D mode. This feature is not permanent, and will only stay until March 1st, 11:59 pm EST. So try it out while you can!

Update: If you would like to make this a permanent feature, comment below! We will need 10 positive comments about the feature before March 2nd. 

On a side note, don't forget to enter our Hoodoo Bundle Raffle. There's only two days left to enter!

Click The Hoodoo Bundle To Lead You To The Raffle!

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zeke Quest Guide - Shonen Knives

Mooshu Zeke Quest: Shonen Knives

Below are maps of the Shonen Knives' locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The Shonen Knives will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

Finding the Shonen Knives

1. Hamamitsu Garden

2. Khotan

3. Rokugara Island

4. Yama Kai

5. Sujimura Village

6. Moomori Compound

7. Yakooza Cave

8. Yagizawa Village

9. Temple of The South Wind

10. Raven Island

11. Temple of The West Wind

12. The Pats of Penace

13. Lake of The Rising Sun

14. Subata Temple

15. Ashen Roads

16. Temple of The North Wind

17. Corrupted Shrine

18. Temple of The East Wind

19. Sacred Mountain

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We'll get back to you within 12 - 48 hours!
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