Saturday, March 15, 2014

Site Updates

Ahoy there!

As some of you #Twirates  may know, our site has been down for almost five days now. During this time, not much was added. The main reason for this downtime was to test out some site features and to also test out a big contest we've been working on since the beginning of this month. We just couldn't have people browsing the site while things were being tested all over the place. It would end up causing a lot of problems and would also reveal  some details on our contest that you guys shouldn't know about at the moment. For almost half the time the site was pretty much "unusable" as well. Also, a specific date on when this "mystery contest" will be posted has not been determined yet. However you can definitely expect a nice, hard, challenge with extraordinary prizes! But how about we focus on the present for now?

Site Update #1: You probably noticed our new page tabs before you even started reading this post. Our old page tabs were pretty boring with just a plain Time New Roman font so we decided to make it a bit more fancier.

Site Update #2: A new poll was added too! This week's question is "Which is Your Favorite World in Pirate101?". You have seven days to pick your answer(s). Plenty of time! To vote on this poll, scroll to the top of the site and you should see the poll on the right.

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!

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