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Zeke Quest Guide - Marleybone Rolling Stones

Marleybone Zeke Quest: The Rolling Stones

Below are maps of the Rolling Stone's locations to help you reach them. They are not in any specific order. The Rolling Stones  will be located where the red X is on the map. X marks the spot!

 Finding the Rolling Stones

1. The Isle of Dogs

2. Barkeley Square

3. Isle of Dogs Sewers 

4. Red Fox's Lair

5. Invader Fortress Hold


To find this Rolling Stone, follow the steps below.

1. Go into Invader Fortress Hold and go to the left until you see a set of stairs.
2. Go up the stairs
3. Go down a different set of stairs where the enemies are
4. The Rolling Stone will be behind a bunch of crates

6. Isle of Dogs Sewers - LaFitte's Lair


To find this Rolling Stone follow the steps below.

1. Go into the Isle of Dogs Sewers
2. Go into Lafitte's Lair 
3. Defeat the first set of creatures
4. Turn left and keep going down the tunnel until you reach the end
5. The Rolling Stone, will be behind three crates

7. Isle of Dogs Sewers - Red Fox's Lair

8. Isle of Fetch

9. Isle of Fetch - Walkie's Hotel

10. Beachhead - Main Battery

Please Note: To get to the Main Battery in Beachhead you must finish the first area of the dungeon (Main Battery Hold). Once you do that, then you will fight Bishop for the first time. The area where you fight Bishop for the first time is called 'Main Battery'. Also, use the stairs located below, as the Rolling Stone is located on the second floor. 

11. The Wreck of the Victory

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates! 

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