Monday, March 31, 2014

New Panorama Teaser! - The Underwater Grotto (3/31/2014)

Ahoy there! 

Pirate101 released a new panorama teaser today. We've had nine panorama teasers so far, and a ton of other types of teasers as well. But this panorama teaser is of the "Undewater Grotto"! It's filled with crabs and other sea creatures. If you play Wizard101, you're probably used to these kind of areas, they even have a whole world that's underwater (Celestia). But I can only think of a few underwater areas in Pirate101, so this should be interesting! If you'd like to check out the rest of the panoramas, click HERE, if you want to learn even more, you can read a more detailed post with a ton of information/theories on the current Pirate101 teasers by clicking HERE!

Please click the image below to be directed to a full-screen panorama of the 'Underwater Grotto' that you can navigate through. 

Intructions: Use your arrow keys, or click and drag with your mouse, while viewing the panorama to look around. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out. Enjoy!

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