Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pirate101 Panorama Teaser

Ahoy there!

Have you heard of the newest interactive teaser from Pirate101? Now you can see most of the teasers in one place. But if you haven't seen the other teasers that are not located in this panorama teaser, and are interested in viewing them, you can check them out HERE. 

What do you think is coming to Avery's Courtyard? You'll soon find out in Spring 2014! But until then, be sure to leave a comment below with your guesses on what's to come or if you see anything interesting in the panorama, I'll be watching the comments section closely!

It's very simple to use the panorama, and very fun to navigate through as well!

Instructions: "Use your arrow keys, or click and drag with your mouse, while viewing the panorama to look around. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out."

You can check out the panorama teaser HERE, or you can stay here and access it below! If things seem a too small or you are finding it a little hard to navigate through, try the full-screen version HERE.



  1. It has to be something with companions or class related stuff.

    1. I definitely want to see some new companions, maybe your class trainer will send you out on a quest for one? But don't forget the other teasers. Those don't seem to be class-related updates. I'm really curious to see what's coming!

    2. I forgot to even think of pet snacks with the whole pet update thing lol. But that would be cool, I can't wait to see what pet snacks (if there even will be any) they come up with. Wizard101 has some funny pet snack names lol

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  3. I see a loaf of bread or maybe a potato on a sign to the right near the swashbuckler's room.

  4. The dock on the Coopers roost is Aquilan and I am guessing that it leads to the Giant Eagle Titan with the Colosseum on its back (top right of Avery's Office building). That is probably going to be some sort of pvp. Buildings getting moved over for room for the new staircase. Avery's Court getting a size upgrade. New looking companion, looks like a Pelican or some kind of bird (person on the left in front of the new building). Cant wait to see what else is to come. From your neighborhood Swashbuckler

    1. My guesses appear to be quite similar to yours. Not so sure it will happen, but I really hope the Eagle Titan with the Colosseum on its back is "some sort of PvP". PvPing is my favorite thing to do in both W101 and P101. And for the the new looking companions, I'm guessing class-specific quests given by your class trainers that will award you companions since if you look at Teaser #3 and Teaser #5 at , the shark is standing in the Witchdoctor's Sanctum, and the Flamingo(?) is standing in the Musketeer's Roost. Why would they both be in different class buildings if it wasn't something class-related?

      Swashbucklers FTW!


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