Friday, May 2, 2014

Inactivity, Beating the Game, and House Decorating

Avast, me hearties! Let us pillage and explore the vast skyways together,  and... Umm...
Timber our shivers?

So hey everyone. I haven't posted on the blog since my introductory post back on April 9th. I really need to fix that, and that's what I'm trying to do here. So, to introduce exactly what type of blogger I might turn out to be, here's my first adventuring post, along with a status report for how things are coming along.

I was in Aquila, on the home stretch. My mission: Slay Medusa to get Ulysses' Bow. I was being lazy and nonquesting for quite a while, until someone started catching up to me, driving me to finish the story before they did.
(Spoiler Alert: I did.)
So, put simply, I:
 Beat up a raven lady,
 admired statuary,
 brought a statue of Whethersfield(Totally not from Wizard) to the raven lady,
 brought the bow to that guy,
 stormed the aforementioned that guy's invaded house,
 picked up a rock,
and talked to a cat, the figure of whom seems very familiar for some reason.

And thus, I finished the main storyline currently in place. But that's not all I've been doing recently. I've been putting some "finishing" touches on my house. Any P101/W101 housing person will laugh with me on "finishing," because, as every decorator knows, a housing job is never truly done. I won't give the full details of the house, but here are the parts I worked on in the recent history, not that long after completing the game:
 The multi-class hangout lounge.
 The Mooshu display.
 The bedroom hallway.
And also, a grand view of my ship, the Deathless Oracle.

On a side note, I'm still waiting anxiously for test to come to live so I can adventure with my Swash with you guys. Until then, I hope you can stick with me here. I really look forward to then, and until release day comes...

Merry sailing, pirates!
~Cole Crow


  1. Hiya! So I've been trying to pass the time too while waiting for the next update for my max with my other characters. I'm dying for the next release! I, personally, was a bit upset with the recent update, but my question is what's next? Do you have any theories about what's up and coming? Most people seem to believe an expansion of Valencia, and introdictions of Krokotopia and Darkmoor. What do you think?
    Just wondering, thank you (:

    1. Firstly, thank you for commenting, and thank you for reading That Swashbuckler!

      To respond to your question, I think where we'll have to go next is Valencia. However, in trying to go there, we will have another story in a different world, since we can't sneak in the same way we did before, what with the armada growing stronger like they are. That world could be through the unmarked stormgates in Marleybone, Aquila, a currently blocked-off skyway in Monquista, that giant door in Hamamitsu Skyway, or maybe even through Avernus, Dragonspyre. Where exactly we will go is unclear, but Krokotopia seems very likely, with some of the concept art that leaked a while back.

      To sum up, I think we will go to Valencia, but have to solve problems in another world first, in order to unlock another stormgate to sneak in.

    2. Thank you for the analysis! I can't wait to see what they come up with, but I hope it's soon! Happy swashbuckling!


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