Monday, May 12, 2014

Test Realm Game Updates Sail to Live Realm!

Ahoy there!

For those who like to be surprised, and like to skip Test Realm, there's some good news for ye! Pirate101 game updates have left Test Realm and sailed straight to Live Realm and there's plenty of new things to try out. Read on for more information on what's been added!

Game Updates

Be sure to try out the many new things added today, including:

- Advanced Pets
- Advanced Companions
- Doubloons
- New Quests 
- More Free To Play Areas
- New Companions
- New Pets
- Pet Morphing
- Pet Sparring
- Companion Orders
- New Badges
- Skyway Chat
- And much, much, more!

 Be sure to read the update notes! It has all the info you need to know on the new stuff added.

You can also watch the video below to get a  more visual idea on what's been added!

Some Nefarious Comes This Way

Something also happened to a certain tower in Mooshu. What could it be, and what could it mean? Try out the massively high tower today and find out!


I was able to try out a few of the things today, I must admit, there has been some really cool stuff added! Be sure to log on today to experience the fun for yourself. Enjoy!

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates. 

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