Thursday, May 22, 2014

Journey to Bestia

Ahoy there!

Clever Cole Collins is back, this time with the adventures of Cynical Cheyenne, the Swashbuckler!
As soon as I walked out of Avery's Office after learning of Captain Gunn's treasure, Mickey Dugan sought my help. It seems that a coliseum named Bestia is holding some big pet competition, but there is a problem. The Skull Island team lost the egg of one of the pets they were going to use.
And so, I travel to Maka Motl and get it back, an one of the simplest ways possible.

 Before I did that, however, I allowed this lovely assassin to join my crew. Say hello to Fan Flanders!
 So, I give Maka Motl a small Tiki pendent, and he is then perfectly willing to give up the egg. After retrieving it, Mickey told me to head over to Bestia, after talking to an eagle lady.
 Gladia says she is perfectly happy to carry me over there on her boat.
 Sepio Filum blocks me at the gate before I can enter, and tells me the Petathelon origin story...
In puppet show form!
Oh, yeah, by the way, Pirate101 pet training is directly inspired by Wizard101 pet training. In-universe. Canon. Just... Just...
Moving on!
 It seems that by the time I got the egg to the Skull Island booth, they had already got a replacement, so I got to keep the pet from the egg I brought over! It was an adorable little ostrich!
Ah, just look at cute little Gracie there, with her little peg leg, isn't she just so pretty?
 So, I talked to all the other people there, learning the bare basics about Pet Snacks, Pet Hatch- I mean, Morphing, Pet Training Exercises, and pet sparring. Don't worry, Peta- I mean, dear readers, it's just for fun! There is no actual fighting or maiming! Heh heh heh heh...
So, I tried pet sparring. I'm really going to have to get used to this new interface before I can truly enjoy pet training. Also, the pet training is kinda like Wizard101's, except you don't actually do anything, you just push the button command and wait half an hour.

So, for my final thoughts: I look forward to raising a new pet all the way to level 65 alongside me. I was hoping that pet hatching wouldn't be introduced, but I guess I'll soon be one of those people who spends weeks at a time trying to breed the perfect pet. Ah well. For companions, I find the task system enjoyable, very understandable, though I haven't gotten to it yet on Cheyenne. So what are your thoughts on Advanced Pets and Advanced Companions? Please leave a comment below with your answer!

Happy sailing and pet training, young pirates!
~Cole Crow

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