Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Be Near!

Ahoy there!

Summer is coming up! And you know what my favorite part about that is? No more school! As a matter of fact, school just ended for me today. I will now have more time to make more posts here at That Swashbuckler as well as add new content within short intervals of time. Here's a little sneak peek of what's coming in the near future for That Swashbuckler:

- Continuation of Cynical Cheyenne's Adventures!
Clever Cole Crow will be continuing his adventures throughout the spiral and blogging about it as well on his new Swashbuckler: Cynical Cheyenne! Her last adventures brought her journeying to Bestia. You can read about that HERE.

-  More Frequent Game News and Updates Posts.
We will be keeping a really close eye on game news and updates and posting them here to let you guys know about it! Even the most smallest things!

- More Guides
We've got a lot more guides coming for you, including a nice companions guide that you'll surely love!

- More Contests
Yes, we are actually currently planning out a pretty big contest for you guys. It includes some really nice prizes, which includes some crowns, and many other prizes as well. Keep checking back for more info!

- And much, much, more!

Stay tuned for more info on what's coming throughout the summer, here, on That Swashbuckler.

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!


  1. Nice! I can't wait! As for the content, bring it on! How about a challenge? Lets see which fansite could bring the fastest news? ;D


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