Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

Ahoy there!

Today Pirate101 released their April 2014 newsletter. It's filled with all kinds of fun stuff, including a new panorama teaser! Read on for information!

Rogue's Gallery: Ratbeard

Check out the video below to learn more about Ratbeard and his past, you may learn a thing or two about Ratbeard that you didn't know before!

"Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue’s Gallery. Subject, Ratbeard. Ratbeard grew up a prince of the Port Regal Underworld: born into the infamous Beard family, he knew he was to be a famous pirate before he took his first baby steps. Ratbeard spent his early years happily tending to his father’s business, smuggling and pirating. All that changed when he tried to double cross one of the worst pirates to ever sail the skyways of Cool Ranch: Captain Fowl. Fowl handily defeated Ratbeard, in a fight so terrible Ratbeard lost his leg. Then, for good measure, Fowl killed Ratbeard's father, burned out their hideout, and even stole Mrs. Chillingsworth... Ratbeard’s favorite parrot. Disgraced by the defeat, Ratbeard was ostracized by the other branches of the Beard family - instead of becoming a prince of pirates, Ratbeard became little more than a thug, flying the worst skyways in the Spiral, pillaging, cheating, and pinching every last gold piece to get his revenge. Ratbeard was halfway to his goal of buying a ship big enough to take on Cap’n Fowl’s Galleon, The Turkey Buzzard, when he heard tale of a mysterious expedition being formed by Captain Avery. Hatching a plan, he hocked his Sword and Coat, and spent the rest of his meager fortune to hire out a crew of Wharf Rats. Ratbeard was betting everything he had on a chance to find the greatest treasure in Skull Island: Gunn’s Gold. This would be the old Rat's last chance. These pirates and more await you when you play for free at”

Puppet Pirates

So last month you had to caption the picture below, Clever Melody Poole's caption won the honor of being mentioned in the newsletter!

Boochbeard: "Are you sure this is the ‘Fish are friends, not food’ meeting?" - Clever Melody Poole

Books for the Cultured Pirate

Love to read? I know I do. Check this book out, it seems really interesting!

"Hello again my dear Pirate friends! Do you enjoy how your Pirate can form lasting friendships with the companions in Pirate101? You do? Then perhaps it won’t sound too mushy if I say that Elvis and the Underdogs, by Jenny Lee, is a story about how friendship can change everything for the better! That's what the book is about, but it's definitely not mushy - it's hilarious! Benji Barnsworth has a lot of problems: he's in the hospital so often a nurse gives him a punch card for an award after every 10 visits, and whenever he's *not* in the hospital the school bully picks on him. His doctor suggests a therapy dog, and when the dog is delivered, it turns out to be a giant Newfoundland named Elvis. Not surprisingly, having a giant dog following you around school tends to stop your bully problems. But Benji still needs to find his own pack of underdogs to be friends with - and when he does, the results are really amazing! Jenny Lee writes and produces the Disney Channel show Shake it Up, so if you like the show - or if you just like funny books - check this out!" 

Coming Spring 2014 Sneak Peeks

Pirate101 Test Realm is coming *very* soon! Get ready for some awesome new updates coming soon in Spring 2014! Check out the video below if you haven't already to learn more about what's coming!

That's not all! Today a new panorama teaser was released! Click the image below to be directed to a full-screen panorama of the Fireship Dock! Be sure to read the instructions first if you don't know how to use these panoramas yet! For more panoramas, check out Pirate101's page filled with panoramas HERE, or check out our own post for more detailed information, theories, and more panoramas HERE!

Instructions: Use your arrow keys, or click and drag with your mouse, while viewing the panorama to look around. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out.

One-Eyed Jack: What's The Real Story Behind The Nose Goblins?

"Hello again, Pirates! Instead of a tip this month, I have a story to tell you all, so inhale deeply through your noses, and relax for a bit while I tell you . . . the rest of the story! A couple of months ago a few players had a puzzling question that caused me to go on a quest for answers. Basically, are the Nose Goblins found in the Dueling Diego minigame extinct? After a bit of “digging” for information on “Nose Goblins,” I found this “nugget” of “gold”! A picture of the original Nose Goblin concept art!"

"I checked with the programmer for the game and he pointed me to a long-term KingsIsle Employee who would definitely know the lengths of this Cyrano-de-Bergerac-like story. Indeed, this information blew me directly into the hallway where I stuck to the wall for a moment until I saw one Jeff Toney, Principle Artist for KingsIsle. Yes, it was HE who originally flicked this character into the Dueling Diego minigame. So in a quick hallway conversation, Jeff enlightened my nasal cavities with a new perfume of information. As it turns out there was at one time supposed to be a tropical world for Wizard101 back when it was being created. One of the Creative Directors that’s no longer with us cut the character from the lineup of characters (like a plastic surgeon gone wild) and then eventually the whole idea of the tropical world in Wizard101 was scrapped. Jeff Toney, however, still loved the visual pun of the Nose Goblin and gave this nose a job as an opponent in what is now known as the Dueling Diego minigame in Wizard101 and on My quest had ended, and the truth is that 1) Nose Goblins aren’t extinct, but instead never existed in the world of Wizard101. While Nose Goblins will probably never appear in Wizard101 or Pirate101, it is cool to know that our Principal Artist, Jeff Toney, was the one that gave them the “sniff of life” in the Dueling Diego minigame to begin with. Thanks for the question and may your nose always guide you!"

That's all for now!

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!

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