Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An introduction to the Ol' Cole

Ahoy thar!

This is Clever Cole Crow here, but you can call me Cole. I'm here reporting for the very first time on this wonderful site of That Swashbuckler. I'm the newest blogger on this site!

 Here, have a pretty scenery picture:
Grand Throne Room of Monquista. Pretty sweet, huh?
Anyway, just recently the Test Realm for the new Pirate101 early-game expansion was released. While I, sadly, cannot participate is the testing, when it comes out, I'll be working on adventuring through it and blogging about it here, with my currently low-leveled Swashbuckler, Cynical Cheyenne!

When it comes to Live, we shall follow her adventures through the perilous Aztecasaur dungeons, plowing through specters on the haunted ship, raise pets to brawl, and learn how to manage the new companion systems, which will be as new to her as it will be to me.
I hope our voyages together on these fair skyways will have smooth sailing.

Happy Sailing, Young Pirates!
~Cole Crow.

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