Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aquila first thoughts

Aquila takes place back in the Golden Age of Greco-Roman times. It's focused on the area's mythology, the gods and monsters of the ancient times. After you complete the Trafalgar Vortex in Marleybone and free Catbeard, you're sent on your way to the beautiful skyway of Aquila. There you'll encounter Manticores, Vultures, and a whole ton of other creatures to spar against on your quest to recover another piece of Marco Pollo's map.

I think Aquila is a great world. I've been waiting for a Greco-Roman themed world since I started playing Wizard101. Greek mythology is a very neat thing to learn about and study, and it puts a smile on my face every time I hear a reference to a specific myth or legend from mythology in Aquila.
Aquila is also a very challenging world. Right off the bat you are sent to defeat and collect from Harpies. The battle is very tough, mostly because they have the third-tier vengence strike, which is hard to deal with. My firstmate, Ratbeard, has the third-tier first strike, so every time he attacked the Harpies, he would get to attack them first for their vengence strike. On the plus side, Ratbeard usually would get three or four hits on them in one round. On the downside, they would get about the same amount of attacks in on Ratbeard, so he'd usually die in battle because of the damage the Harpies can do.
I'm only in the beginning of Aquila because I haven't had a lot of play time, but I'm looking forward to questing and learning more about the myths and monsters of Aquila.

The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates
Perilous Oliver Paisley


  1. Wow awesome mount and where you are at you are a great player .you rock

  2. Wow awesome mount and where you are at you are a great player .you rock


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