Monday, June 17, 2013

That Swashbuckler Celebrates Their First Birthday!

Today That Swashbuckler has been in the Pirate101 Community for 1 whole year.

We'd like to thank all our mateys for all the feedback and support you've given us in the past year. Without all of you, That Swashbuckler probably wouldn't be here today. So to thank you all, I've put together quite a few contests for you this month. They aren't quite ready yet. And I apologize for that, but as you wait for the real contests, feel free to enter our Birthday Raffle below. Some prizes are Wizard101-related, but I know that lots of you also play Wizard101, so I figured I'd toss those into the Birthday Raffle too.
Good luck, and keep checking back for more contests!

Bottles of Yum for all! 


  1. My favorite class is witchdoctor. I love that I can sit back in the distance and use multi hit attacks or use my minions, and get health with the attacks. It is perfect for distance killing, and boostin up my companions to do the killing while I bounce around in the corners safe and comfy ;)

  2. Swashbuckler because I've always wanted to be one.

  3. Witchdoctor is my favorite class. Always loved ranged attacks and avoiding direct combat!

  4. My favorite class if definitely Swashbuckler lol. Despite having low health, I love that I can hit with large amount of damage and be able to defeat my enemies quickly

  5. My favourite class at the moment is witchdoctor as we can hit multiple enemies in one turn while standing back from the main action. We can also curse which gains extra damage on the text turn.

  6. My favorite class is definitely Witchdoctor as being able to hit multiple opponents in the same round can be very helpful. We have a bunch of great qualities including the ability to curse(Trap).

  7. My favorite class is Privateer,definitely! because they get a lot of companions, and I love all there buffs and heals! I am more of a leader than a follower so being a commander suits me.

  8. My favorite class is the witchdoctor. I love the curse and attacking multiple enemies at once.

  9. For now I have only one pirate and of course it is a Swashbuckler :D. I really like the moves and animations when we hit. It fascinates me how we manage to deal good amount of damage and reach spots that usually need more then one move :)!

  10. My favorite class is witchdoctor coz it's KEEEWWWWWWWLLLL!

  11. My favorite Pirate101 class is Witch Doctor and i like it because they have the hightest health, they are strong and awesome!!

  12. My favorite class in Pirate101 is Witch Doctor and i like it because does pirates have the higest health, more damage and they are awesome!!!


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