Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marleybone comes to a close

Now that I've taken down Beachhead and saved the Isle of Fetch, I've become better known in the Marleybone circles. I was asked by the army to help fix their war machines, which supposedly can make a difference in the outcome of the war. Unfortunately, these golems can't even stand, much less strike fear into the hearts of Armada forces. I had to journey on both land and sky to gather all the parts to fix them. When I got all the parts and tried to fix them, though, I encountered a nasty surprise. The machines were attacking ME! After defeating the golems, I was tasked with rescuing the son of the fox who programmed the war machines. I reported back to the war room, and received my last combat quest in Marleybone. I needed to save a military official, and stop on of the high-ranking Armada members, Rooke. After a long and challenging dungeon (thanks to Dead-Eye Justin for helping me out) I was granted commision from the Marleybone military, and so was able to rescue Catbeard! Now it's onto Aquila.

I thought Marleybone was a great world. It was very beautiful, and I loved how it was always nighttime. I also loved the story of Marleybone and how challenging it was. You could usually get through the street mobs without much concern, but with the dungeons you usually want a friend to come. I felt the world was relatively short. There is only one skyway, at least that we know of, and there were only a handful of areas in the skyway. Overall, however, I thought Marleybone was a great world. Hopefully Aquilla is just as good, if not better.

Not exactly combat-ready.

Where is Albion?

The ruins of Rooke's ship and the HMS Victory.

The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates
Perilous Oliver Paisley

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