Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Tribal Crew Pack!

Ahoy there!

Today Pirate101 released their first pack ever in the Live Game! You may have remembered the Troggy Booster Pack back in Beta, it was a great pack but unfortunately it couldn't make it's way to the Live Game due to some problems.

The Tribal Crew Pack is Here!

This pack gives you a chance at:

  • Aztecosaur Companions
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Pirate Treasures That Can be Sold at Vendors for Gold
  • Housing Items
  • Pets
  • Training Tomes
  • And much More!

It seems like this pack is based on Azteca from Wizard101! This pack is definitely available for all schools, but I opened 5 packs today, and noticed that the gear and weapons mostly benefit Witchdoctors! So if you're a Witchdoctor, I would highly recommend checking out the pack.

From the 5 Tribal Crew Packs I opened, I received amazing items! Here are just a few screenshots of what I got:

Moonhunter's Helm

Sun Priest's Sandals

Calacan WarHammer

All Together:

Scrimshaw Drake

Citrine Ankylosaur

Hunter Puma

I really love how you get such awesome items when only buying a few. It's totally worth buying! So if you haven't already, be sure to buy a pack or two from the Crown Shop. It only costs 399 crowns per pack, but if you don't have any crowns, you can buy some at the Pirate101 Website.

Be sure to comment below with what you got from the pack!

Cya in th' Stormgates!
-Alexander da Coolest


  1. Oh dear! All of your photos appear to be broken in this post!

    1. Hmm, if you haven't already, try switching to some different browsers.


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