Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vote for Pirate101!


 Congratulations t' Pirate101 for bein' nominated for two of MMORPG's 2012 Player's Choice Awards! They've been nominated for Game of the Year, and Most Innovative Game of 2012! If you're readin' this, you probably will want t' vote for Pirate101! Vote HERE, and show everyone how awesome Pirate101 is! Every vote counts!

To celebrate Pirate101's big achievement, and, since it's December, and we love to give away lots of stuff during this month, we'd like to host a contest for you! Shoot an email over to alexanderdacoolest@gmail.com with anything you drew from Pirate101. Please get your parents permission to send an email to us if you are under the age of 14. Whatever you are making from Pirate101, it MUST be created by YOU. You will be banned from entering contests on That Swashbuckler if you plagiarize other people's artwork. You can draw it in real life, or you can use a graphics program to make one.  You must put your Pirate name, or a commonly known community name on your artwork. Judging will be based on creativity. So don't worry if you're not good at drawing, but try your best! If you choose to display your artwork, we will gladly display it on a different blog post. You have until December 23rd 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

If you have any questions, please comment below.


1st Place: 5,000 Crowns
2nd Place: 1,000 Crowns 
3rd Place: 2 Goldenbeaks (Wizard101)
4th Place: 1 Goldenbeak (Wizard101)
5th Place: 1 Fog Staff (Wizard101)

Good luck everyone, and congratulations Pirate101!

Cya in the Stormgates!
~Alexander da Coolest

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