Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pirate101 and Blog Interview- Autumn DreamWalker

Ahoy, mateys!
Today, we have an interview for ye conducted by Alex, with Autumn DreamWalker.
Autumn is the owner of Secrets of the Spiral, one of the official Pirate101 fan-sites.
Autumn is well-known for her kind and friendly personality in the community.
(N.B. The questions are in LIME and Autumn's responses are in AQUA)

1- Hey Autumn! Let's get to know you a bit first. Could you tell us a bit about your pirate(s)?
I actually have all five classes of pirates.  And guess what....All of them are named Autumn Walker! Original, right? :P  My witchdoctor is level 65. This is the one you will most likely see me using at events. I also have a level 28ish privateer, level 8 swashbuckler (which I am leveling with my daughter), and both my musketeer and buccaneer are level 5. I really love all the classes, but Witchdoctor is definitely my favorite!

2- What inspired you to starting blogging in the first place, and have any other bloggers inspired you to keep it up over the years?
Actually, I didn't know about the Wizard101 blogging or Twitter communities at first.  Edward Lifegem told me about his blog and I started reading it. He's the one that really got me interested in blogging.  We would talk about his blog a lot and I realized I was thinking up ideas about things that would make cool posts.  Then after I joined twitter, I met even more bloggers.  By that time, I thought blogging seemed like it would be a really fun way to be more involved with the community.  And I was right!  As far as what has inspired me to keep blogging.....Well mostly it's because it's a lot of fun.  I have had some times when I got burned out and have taken a break, but that hasn't happened since I started blogging about Pirate101.  My friends' encouragement got me through those rough times.  And I love blogging about Pirate101 so much that I think the "burn-out" phases are in the past! I will be sticking around for a long time! :)

3- We're all well aware that Secrets of the Spiral is the most recent official fansite. What was your first reaction when you discovered that your site has made it to the official Pirate101 fansites list?
Well, my first reaction was to not believe the person who told me, followed by shock, which involved me starting at the computer screen for a few minutes without even moving or typing. Then the hyperventillating started. lol I think the only thought that went through my head was OMG OMG OMG over and over. After that, I was happy/excited.  The support I got from the community when I was accepted was the best part!  However, even now it still doesn't seem real.

4- Are you thinking about applying for a Wizard101 official fansite too?
To be honest, probably not.  There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest is that I don't have much time to blog about both games anymore, so Wizard101 has kind of taken a backseat to Pirate101.

5- What advice do you have for the bloggers in our community who wish to be official?
Well my first advice is to blog because you love blogging, not just so you can become official.  There are many aspects of the game to talk about, so choose something you really enjoy and blog about that.  Try to be unique and let your personality come through in your posts. And if you are really serious about becoming official, make sure you follow all the guidelines before you submit your blog.  Have fun and good luck! :)

6- Anything special you'd like to share with the readers?
Hmm.....something special.  Well, let's see.....Oh, I know! There's the time when I was 4 and my older brother made me eat a worm! Wait, that isn't really special. That's just gross.   Seriously though, I would like to say thanks to my readers, your readers, the community and everyone who has supported me! You guys are all awesome!  And watch Secrets of the Spiral for a huge, secret announcement in September!

7- And the most important question: Llamas or Alpacas?
Well have you heard about the new hybrid, Llampacas?  Or was it Alpamas? Um.....I'll have to get back to you on that!

Thank you Autumn, for this great interview, and thank you for all you do in the community.

We'd love the hear what you guys think about Autumn's responses, and about her in general- Feel free to leave a comment! 

If you enjoyed Autumn, and want to get to know her better, you can follow her via @ADreamWalker on Twitter.


  1. Autumn is one of my favorite #twizards. great job with the interview; love both questions and the responses.


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