Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pirate101 and Site Interview- Kelsey FireHeart

Ahoy me mateys!
This be Chris, here with an interestin' interview, with one of my good friends and one of the coolest people in the community, Kelsey Fireheart!
Kelsey is the owner of  an official Wizard101 US and UK fansite,, which also is home to Pirate101 Skyways, an official Pirate101 fansite.
(N.B. The questions I asked are in LIME, and Kelsey's responses are in AQUA)

1- When did you start playing Kingsisle games, and how did you discover the community?
I started in end of April '10 I think. I don't even recall exactly how I discovered the game. As for the community, all I remember is hearing some people say there were Wizard101 people on Facebook. Didn't exactly like the environment there, then based on others recommendations, I tried out Twitter. So love it! I learned so much from everyone and it actually made me want to play the game more because of the friends I've made.

2- Could you tell us a bit about your pirates? If you had to choose a favorite, which would you pick, and why?
Oooh that's a hard question. I like Swashbucklers and Witchdoctors. I love Swashies because of its cool moves. Witchdoctors are uber kewl. They have awesome animations and they're just a fun class to play with! I have five Pirates, 3 on one account and 2 on the other because I love dual boxing.
My first character I ever made was Fearless Kristen Eastwick, a Swashbuckler. And today, I have all five classes. They're all girls. But I admit the witchdoctor has the coolest clothes. Although I outfitted the Swashbuckler with the cool glasses which helped! If I had the time, I would make more male characters. But alas, my time slots are filled with both games lol.

3- What are some of the features in Pirate101 that keep you interested in the game, and which do you think could be introduced in the future?

Oh, the storyline no question. I love questing and reading the story as I progress through the game. I would love a bank actually. I wanted one for Wizard101 to store our gold for future use. But hey, Pirate101 has banks that we don't use. Why not make them useful? We can store our gold there. Better than buying treasure and letting it sit in our house. It's cooler too lol. But what could be introduced? Fishing! I am hoping for fishing as well as ship pvp and stitching. And of course, ranked pvp.

4- When you created Stars of the Spiral, are there any particular goals you had in mind for the site?
Well, I was tired of searching all over just for a specific piece of information. I wanted everything at the tips of my fingers. So I decided a site full of guides would be helpful. So tada! Stars of the Spiral was born!

5- When you saw that P101 Skyways had been accepted to the official fansite listing, what was your reaction? I'm sure you'd remember that day. Then, 3 months later you also became an official Wizard101 fansite. How have you enjoyed working with and being supported by the community managers thus far?
I was bursting with excitement. I could not believe it. It was one of my most proudest moments. Then when I got accepted to Wizard101, I just knew that all of my hard work paid off. Honestly the community managers are just superbly amazing. They're the most kindest and friendliest people you'll ever know. If I needed help or something, they would be quick to help me if they could. I am quite proud to be working with them.

6- Anything special you'd like to share with the readers? 
Just don't forget to be kind, lend a hand and have fun!

7- Last but not least...Llamas or alpacas?
camels! :O
Why? :P
Shrugs, I like out of the box stuff 
or sheep!

Thank you for the amazing interview, Kelsey!
It was fun to finally interview you after all this time.

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


  1. nice interview. i really do think kelsey has done a lot since she made most of her site. i hope she never stops working on it.

  2. I won't ever stop working on it, Tabitha. You can guarantee that! :)


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