Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surprise Contest!

This Contest Is Now Over.

Congratulations to Clever Cole Crow!

Below are 20 questions.
First one to comment with all the correct answers wins 2k crowns! 
All answers can be found at Pirate101.com OR here, at ThatSwashbuckler.com
Comments will not be published to prevent anyone from cheating.
Go, go, go! :)

1. Who is the current Swashbuckler class trainer?

2. What is Brave Alex Richmond's current firstmate?

3. Name all Pirate101 worlds.

4. What was Pirate101's launch date?

5. What is That Swashbucker's official twitter?

6. When was That Swashbuckler first created?

7. What are the names of Pirate101's first two bundles?

8. What is Pirate101's newest mount?

9. What is the name of the item beta testers got in the live game?

10.  Comment on ANY post at ThatSwashbuckler.com and give us a link!

Whew, halfway done!

11. True or False? Our very first interview was with Tom Purdue from Kingsisle.

12. True or False? You can leave a comment at That Swashbuckler asking for codes or gifts.

13. How many pirates are part of That Swashbuckler staff?

14. True or False? Cody SunDreamer (@SunDreamWiz on Twitter) was once part of our staff.

15. On June 21st we had Twitter Trivia for a $20 Pirate101 Card, who was our winner?

16. Who was featured in March 2013's Rouge's Gallery?

17. Is Pirate101 rated Everyone 10+?

18.  How many people voted on our latest poll?

19. There are 3 ways you can contact us, name two.

20. Which Pirate101 class is the best? *cough cough* Swashes *cough cough*

Have fun, and good luck!!


  1. 1 Morgan Lafitte
    2 Monkey King
    3 Skull Island, Monquista, Dragonspyre, Valencia, Cool Ranch, Mooshu, Marleybone, Aquila
    4 October 8th 2012 for head start, Oct 15th 2012 for the general public
    5 That Swashbuckler @ThatSwash101
    6 June 17th 2012
    7 Boochbeard, Gandry,
    8 Gryphon
    9 Pioneer's Eyepatch
    10 http://www.thatswashbuckler.com/p/about-us.html
    11 True
    12 FALSE
    13 4
    14 True
    15 Isabelle C.
    16 Frogfather
    17 Yes
    18 42
    19 Main site twitter email
    20 Swashbucklers!


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