Thursday, February 6, 2014

Buffaloon Wings for Dinner, Anyone?

Ahoy thar' mateys!
I've recently reclaimed my title and interest as a pirate and have been swashbucklin' tirelessly since.
Seeing as I'm once again sailing the skyways, I thought I'd start back blogging about it here!

My pirate, Chris Devereaux, is now level 24 and questing in the world of Cool Ranch. He's also using his level 10 gear from the Boochbeard bundle still because I couldn't find any better gear for level 20+.

Cool Ranch has actually been pretty interesting. From the moment I laid eyes on the 'commons' area, I couldn't wait to see what was in store.

I'm currently questing to defeat some Striped Bumbaloons to call forth Brother Wolf for the Bison tribe.

I came across this creature a few quests back- His eyes always glow in the game (not in any of my screenshots though) and can be quite frightening to us 'scaredy-cats'.

All my other screenshots are stored on my laptop which is currently uh..dead, so all I have right now are of me fighting Buffaloons unintentionally. That's because although my quest requires I defeat Striped Bumbaloons, only one monster in each battle turns out to be the right type.

I got the moves like Jagger -sings-

How does my poor monkey even survive with all that weight on him?

All of Nurse Quinn's attacks turn out like this for me. I wouldn't wanna go by her for a shot!

Lastly, here's a picture of Nausica saving my booty (pun-intended) after I was taken down by the first Bumbaloon I fought:

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.
Sorry it couldn't be longer, but it's a weekday, so this pirate has some homework t' do!
By th' way, how are you guys doing in your adventures? What level and world are ye currently in?

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

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  1. Lovin' t' picture captions! nice t' see y'all back!


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