Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Crown Giveaway

That Swashbuckler is having a daily crown raffle to celebrate the young wizards/pirates heading back-to-school!
We are giving away 5,000 crowns in total!

You have the chance to win 1,000 crowns daily, for four days, as well as a mystery prize!

How do you enter for the daily drawings?
It's simple- All you have to do is send an e-mail to with your wizard's name!
One e-mail will have you entered for all days.
If you do not include your wizard's name, you will be excluded from the draw.

Every day, one participant will be randomly drawn and they will receive a response from the e-mail with their code if won.

Is there anything but the daily drawings?
Of course! All you have to do is comment below with your e-mail address(not personal e-mail please).
Any comments excluding an e-mail address for contact will be left out.

On the very last day of the e-mail drawings, we will raffle-off all the people who comment and one lucky person will win 1,000 crowns, as well as a mystery prize, which may be anything from a hoard, to a Jaguar Mount in Wizard101!

-Be fair, one entry per account and location.
If any two or more e-mails come from the same account, only one entry will be counted.
If two or more e-mail addresses that have entered use the same IP address, you will be disqualified from this, and all future e-mail contests.
-You cannot win more than once.
-Each day, a winner will be drawn between 5pm-8pm EDT time.
-All codes won can be redeemed at
Saturday 8th September- Brynn WyrmHeart
Sunday 9th September- Alexandra WillowShade
Monday 10th September- Fiona MoonDreamer
Tuesday 11th September- Vanessa

Comment Winner- TBA

Good luck, and have fun!

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

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