Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog of the Week- 2/9/12

Ahoy there mateys!

This is the second episode of BotW. 
Before I get started, however, I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to the Wintress of the Wizard101 Community, IcyWiz! 
Hope you have an amazing, and lovely birthday, Christie. :)


This week, I've decided to look at a website, instead of a blog.
This week's Blog(well, site) of the Week is...

Several reasons why I chose this site are:
-This site has two sections: Wizard101 Gamma & Pirate101 Skyways, each of which contain guides about almost anything you want to know about the games.
-There is a 'Contests' section in which there are often contests for great prizes.
-There is a 'Book of the Month' segment, similar to Harold Argleston's.

And much more!

This site focuses on both Pirate101 and Wizard101, and is updated every other day.
First-time viewers will be speechless, after seeing how much time was put in to making this site, and the dedication that the owner has towards improving the betterment of the site.
The grammatical elements on the site are mostly perfect.
The intended audience for the site are Wizard101 or Pirate101 players who need information, or who just want to have fun.
Stars of the Spiral is run by the community's very own Kelsey FireHeart.
You can contact her at @KelseyFireHeart on Twitter, or

So, now for the big question-
What do YOU think about Stars of the Spiral?
Give your honest opinions, constructive criticism is needed!

Click the image below, or visit today!

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


  1. I think Kels has enough PTO built up from working on this site she could take a sizeable vacation... (Honolulu?)

  2. Absolutely LOVE this site and find more reasons to, about every day. Yesterday I stepped away from the Beta to spend a little time on Wizard101. I was using the free furniture guide to track down and acquire all the new additions and having a conversation with one of my friends about how I play the game (she's a subs player and I've bought each area individually). We were both curious as to how much I've paid, overall, and my words to her were literally: "Hold on Stars of the Spiral has a guide for that..." Pretty much anything you can think of involving Wizard & Pirate 101 Stars of the Spiral has information on. I follow the wonderful Kelsey on twitter and any idea or comment she has she'll tweet to Wizard101 or KingsIsle. Not only has she created this amazing site (which now hosts a raffle every month where you could win a $10 game giftcard) she is also one of the nicest people in the community. Anytime I have a question or concern with anything (on either game) she's there with an answer. So I am in total agreement with Ian, Kelsey does indeed deserve quite the sizable vacation ;)


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