Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pirate101 Interview with Paige Moonshade!

Ahoy there mateys!

I have had the honor of interviewing Miss Paige Moonshade, the genius behind Paige's Page, about Pirate101.
Her character's name in Pirate101 is Perilous Paige Nightingale.

Hope you all enjoy the interview, which starts below:

Ahoy, Perilous Paige!
Thank ye for agreeing t' do this interview with me!
Below are a few questions for you. ;)

-What do you think about Pirate101 so far in general?

 Perilous Paige --
Aye, A Pirates life is for me. ;) In All Pirate101 is an fanstatic voyage, from breaking out of a jail cell( Armada does not like us Pirates) where you start the game to learning to sail your ship.  Pirates get to find companions to help you along the way is a great added touch, Bonnie Anne is still my all time favorite. Oh my word Ship to ship is so much fun! I see so many Wizards, eh? Um Pirates having countless of hours playing Pirates101.

-How much do you like the furniture in Pirate101? Do you think it's a step up from the Wizard101 furtinure?

Perilous Paige --
The houses are simply amazing looking I really love the Buccaneer's Den it is multi- level rooms This means that one single Big room with the floors and different levels. Much like the big room in the Wizard101 myth school house. Furniture is perfect for Pirates and I can only see it growing from there. MY favorite piece is this Kitchen sink! Now if I can only talk Kingsisle into adding it to Wizard 101 too . ;)

 -Which world is your pirate currently battling the evil pirates in? What do you think about that world, and the others you have already saved?

Perilous Paige --
I am in Mooshu. Mooshu is so beautiful so many islands each one different from the other yet they all tie in together. Did that make since? I guess I mean the story line connect each one.  Skull island where all Pirates start has one of my favorite views. My all time favorite world is Cool Ranch. I love this instance called Miranda in the haunted sky way, very funny story to it.

 -I enjoy seeing pictures from the Wizard101 housing showcase segments on your blog. How do ye feel about a Ship or a Cabin showcase in the future?

Perilous Paige -- 
This is a interesting question- At this time your ship is not able to be decorated I would sure love to be able to go inside and decorate the cabin. We do have a Dorm style Bunk House.  I cannot wait to start showcasing Pirate housing. My ideals are already running for decorating contests in the future. ;) 

-What type of ship does your pirate commandeer at the moment, and which ship that you have used in the past is your favorite?

Perilous Paige -- 
Aye she be a purty ship too. I have the Marleybone Galleon. I thought the bison ship was a fun ship my sails looked like Bullseyes. Big red and black bullseyes. :D

-What are some of your hobbies in Pirate101, beside the obvious of housing?

Perilous Paige --
Man yer cannons! I am all over ship to ship combat. :) My favorite thing to do is Nautical Level.

-What class do you hope to make your pirate be, when Pirate101 launches out of Beta?

Perilous Paige --  
I am a swashbuckler . Will be a swashbuckler when Pirate101 launches. I also like the musketeer and Buccaneer classes.

-Is there anything special that you'd like to share with the readers?

Perilous Paige – 

Pirate101 will be so much fun for everyone! I can see countless of family fun time coming.  Hope to see ye Pirates sailing the skyways.

Huge thanks to Paige for the arrsome interview!
Also, there will be no Blog of the Week segment this week due to a packed schedule.

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


  1. You are so welcome . I was happy to do the interview.

  2. Awesome interview, and they did bring a kitchen sink to Wizard101 in the new furniture packs.

  3. I love paige, she a;ways there to help wiz and pirates a like.


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