Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marleybone first impressions

The Pirate101 Marleybone is very different from other worlds of the Pirate101 Spiral, with its dark sky, Victorian London feel, and dogs and foxes running around, not to mention there is a war going on against the Armada. Getting to Marleybone after Avery gives you the first quest is no small feat. You need to go through two tough dungeons, both of them with very difficult battles inside. Finally, after the nail-biting dungeons, you have permission to go to Marleybone, where your first quest is… another dungeon.

Wizard101 and Pirate101 Marleybone are very different from each other. Obviously there are different locations and classes, but the pirate version of MB has a different feel to it. You’re not running across the rooftops like you are in Wizard, at least not yet. Pirate101 introduces frogs, or at least a frog, foxes, and other creatures in to the Marleybonian world.

Marleybone is definitely a step up from Mooshu difficulty-wise. The dogs and foxes in Marleybone have more health, talents, and damage to their attacks than the samoorai and ninja pigs of Mooshu.  I haven’t died since the Stupendor-X fight, but before I managed to take the windstone, I died twice. Then in the first Marleybone dungeon, I died again. All three times that I died I was trying to solo the instances. Personally, I like the difficulty, but I wonder if this is going to make future content impossible to solo. I love group play, but since none of my real-life friends play, I usually end up soloing quests and dungeons. I just hope my ability to go alone through content isn’t taken away because of the enemies having too much health or too many good talents.

The existence of the sea means the existence of Pirates        
Perilous Oliver Paisley

The windstone is within our grasp!
Marleybone in Pirate101


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