Thursday, October 24, 2013

Site Updates

Ahoy there!

I just wanted to alert you about the changes made to That Swashbuckler tonight (10/23/13). 

1. As you probably noticed, there are now skulls falling from the top of the site. (If this bothers you, scrolling down a bit will make the skulls stop falling). This will last until 11/1/13.

Falling smiley char Falling smiley char Falling smiley char

2. A new poll! Located at the right side of the blog. This poll will last until 10/30/13 and the question is "What do you want Kingsisle to add to the Crown Shop?".

3. A new cursor! The "Pirate's Sword" cursor should stay until the end of November.

4. And lastly, if you want to look back at some of the older posts, scroll all the way down to the bottom and use the Numbered Page Navigation feature!

Happy Sailing young pirates!

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