Sunday, July 15, 2012

Captain Deadly On board!

Ahoy ye scurvy pirates. A Deadly Pirate here, and this be my first post on board of That Swashbuckler's blog. I be coming to tell ye what I like to do. I be likin' them companions very much. They just been findin' me an interest that is uncontrollable. I mainly like how they be lookin' with my pirate, because they just add the pirate to me. Although I be wishin' they be makin' a parrot for a pirate's companion, all I could do is ask and see what they say.
Companions have many attributes, and here they be.
 Strength increases damage for 
short distanced weapons.
Agility increases damage for
long distanced weapons.
Will increases damage for
magical attacks.
Accuracy increases the chance
that you will hit your enemy.
Dodge increases the chance that
 your enemy's attack will miss.
Armor reduces the amount of
damage from an enemy's attack.
The amount of damage an 
attack will usually deal.
Resistance reduces the amount of
damage taken from magical attacks.

That be what I been wantin' to show ye scurvy dogs. I hope ye enjoyed this post and will come back to read more when more is revealed. Until then, pull up the anchor, we got sailin' to do!

Welcome to th' crew, Captain Deadly!

-Pirate SkyRider ;)
*Pirate SkyRider AND TheDrakeFlame ;)*

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