Sunday, July 29, 2012

Winners of the 5,000 Crown Creation Contests

Ahoy there mateys!

After an hour of judging, Kelsey and I finally came up with winners for the 5,000 crown Short Story and Art contests in the previous post!

We had so many amazing entries, thus decided to have a 3rd place winner for each contest, who will each receive their choice of either 6 Energy Elixirs, or 4 hoard packs!

Thus, here are the winners!

Art Contest winners:

1st Place: 5000 crowns- Amy Nguyen

2nd Place: Mega Snack Pack- Becky Bridges

3rd Place: 4 Hoards OR 6 Energy Elixirs- Thashni Fernando

Short Story Contest winners:

1st Place: 5000 crowns- Elaina Littlejohn

2nd Place: Mega Snack Pack- Valdus FireFlame

3rd Place: 4 Hoards OR 6 Energy Elixirs- HsLite

The entries were very long, thus could not be posted. I apologize if you were looking forward to reading the entries!


All codes will be sent, but the prizes that have to be gifted will have to wait until mid-August due to our family vacation. 

Sorry, but congratulations to all the winners! 
Good job, and enjoy the rest of your vacations!

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


  1. Thanks for hosting, sure was a fun one to write about

  2. Hey, was wondering when i would be getting the mega snack pack for second place? No rush just wondering, I was about to buy one or two so a free one would be lovely :) Thanks tavia raingarden

  3. @Tavia, Chris here. :) I'm still on vacation. I return this Saturday, and emails will be sent out asking for a true friend code by Sunday. :) Save your crowns!


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