Monday, July 16, 2012

HUGE Twizaversary Giveaway!

My Twizaversary (One year of being on the Wizard101 Twitter community) is coming up soon, on the 24th of July!
This is a big celebration for me, as joining this community was the best choice I've ever made.
I got to meet new friends who were funny, kind and caring.
If I had to name a few of my favorite people from the Twitter community, I'd have to pick: Tatiana ShadowFlame, Diana WildHeart, Kelsey FireHeart, Anthony DeathBane & Cody SunDreamer.

Since this celebration means a lot to me, I thought I'd celebrate by giving away a ton of prizes, so below is a Rafflecopter Contest.
The grand prize is a Watchful Hound pet, followed by a bunch of crown prizes. This contest will run from today (July 16th) until August 24th, since my yearly family vacation is coming up and we'll be gone until August 18th. This gives you a whole lot of time to enter.

Without further ado, here is the contest. Good luck everyone!

GRAND PRIZE: Flint FireMancer- Watchful Hound Pet

Reilly Lennon- Evil Magma Peas seed.
Arielle Mahal & Cesar T. Garcia- 2 Hoard Packs of Choice.
Talon NightShade- Energy Elixir AND Key Limes Seed.
Isaac StormFlame- Customizable WC Sign.



  1. Robrert GriffingladeJuly 16, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    congo :D happy twizaversary

  2. i will like skull islands the best :D

  3. Valencia prehaps! :) Happy Twizaversary!

  4. Congrats on your Twizaversary! The best Pirate101 world is a whole post in itself. Skull Island will naturally be very attractive because it's completely Pirate-themed, and in meant to draw F2P plays to pay for the rest. On the other hand, Monquista has a certain mystery about it, between the disappearing prisoners, mysterious islands, and deserted-looking towns in a place full of fancy palaces. Then again, Valencia, MooShu, and other worlds could be just as exciting.

  5. HAPPY ONE YEAR #TWIZZAVERSARY! Valencia sounds amazing to me. Even if its the source of the Armada.....

  6. I think I will like Skull Island the best! I would love to become friends with the tribes of the Watermole and observe their traditions! Or maybe Mooshu! It is on top of a giant turtle!

  7. I will look forward to Polaris the most!

  8. Happy Twizaversary :D Thank you for hosting this contest for us during such a special time for you :D Loving the font of your blog btw :D

  9. And I think Valencia will be my favorite place to be :D

  10. Mooshu is my favorite world in wizard101 and it will probably be my favorite in pirate101

  11. I think that my fav world would be Skull Island cause it sounds piratey xD

  12. Wow. :) Thank you Chris. You have truly shown the Twizard community what the spirit of wizard101 is about. Happy twizardversary. (((HUGS))). I am thinking, I may like Valencia. But I reserve the rights to change my mind lol.

  13. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Recently I just join the twizards community and I love them all so far! Hope it's the best day ever for you when it's that special day! @SoulTheAlpha

    1. Also I think the best world would be Valencia

  14. My favorite world would be the one with an arena :P

  15. Thanks for holding this contest! (:

  16. Happy Twizardversary! ^_^ I think my favorite world might be Monquista. Not really sure :p

  17. I'm sure i will like each world. New things to discover all over. More than likely i will love and loath different parts of each. LOL

  18. This site has a lot of potential, the best of luck with you! (:

  19. I look forward to mooshu, to see it again.

  20. I think I would like Skull Island the best.


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