Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Pirate101 Teaser!

Ahoy there! 

Today Pirate101 released a little teaser of what's possibly to come, via their Twitter page!

Media preview

Pirate101: "Hmm . . . What could bring such a grand occasion?"

Did you notice that eagle back there? At first I thought he was wearing a hat... but after taking a closer look, he appears to be holding some sort of Colosseum. 

Some guesses from the Twitter Community:

- Pirate101 Ship PvP? - Kelsey FireHeart
- Musketeer-related update? - Swordroll
- Thanksgiving Quest? - Kelsey FireHeart
- Aquila-related? - Nicholas LionRider
- Gladia Portitrix as the new PvP tutor? - Kelsey FireHeart
- Dungeon Challenge based off of the Colloseum in Hercules? - Johnny 

What do you guys think it will be? Leave a comment below with your guess(es)! 

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