Friday, November 9, 2012

ANOTHER Contest!

Ahoy there!

We've been feeling very "contest-ty" this month! We be having ANOTHER contest this month! And it's also for 5,000 crowns! For this contest, if  That Swashbuckler reaches 100 Mateys by the end of the month, one lucky member from our crew will win 5,000 crowns! You can join our crew by clicking "Join this Site" at the right side of our website. This contest will end on December 1st at midnight, if we don get them hundred mateys, the 5,000 crowns will have to go! Long wait, eh? Well if we get 100 mateys earlier than the deadline, we'll give away the 5,000 crowns away that same day!  

Good luck!

Also, what do you think about our contests? Are they fun? Do you like the prizes? Got any contest ideas?

Comment below with your answers and anything else you'd like to add!

Cya in the Stormgates!


  1. I like the contests ideas. I went to another site (which will remain nameless) and I won but what i won was a code for Wziard101 (which i dont play) and a code for a Ninja pig that did,t work it says it was used too many times lol.. Maybe I will have better luck here .. If i win of course.. yoho.. Salty Klaus (aka Khorian)

  2. I think the contest is pretty nice. It's fun. I like the prize, and maybe the next one could be a "Design *x* contest" or a simple Rafflecopter? :)

  3. I really like you're contests :) The only thing I would suggest (just to change things up a little for you ;)) would be the site hide-n-seek. For whatever reason (cause I rarely win) I LOVE those things :D But you don't have to change anything this way is great too, just merely a suggestion :D


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