Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview with Johnny from Pirates of the Spiral

Ahoy there mateys!
This week, I've had the honor of interviewing Johnny, the owner of Pirates of the Spiral, and better known as a moderator on Wizard101 Central, and from his community Twitter profile.
Here it goes,hope you all enjoy!
My questions are in PEACH, and Johnny's responses are in WHITE, right below the questions.

-Hey Johnny! Let's get to know you a bit first. How did you first hear about Wizard101, and what inspired ou to join the community?
A little after the beta ended, I was home one night watching tv not aware of the game called Wizard101 until the first commercial aired which I happen to see! My first thought was wow it reminds me alot of Harry Potter! The whole ravenwood school and learning magic reminded me alot of hogwarts and I went to the computer and started downloading right away! I fell in love with the game and I'm still playing 5+ years later! A little after I signed up for the game, I began searching for guides and tips and found the site ! The site became very helfpul since I was a beginner and a lot of people their were in the beta. It was a great experience to be apart of a forum where everyone loved Wizard101. Along the years, Ive been sharing my knowledge and help and became a moderator for the site. It was an honor to be asked. The Wizard101 community is like no other at all! Its one of the best fan communitys I have been apart of! We are like a big family.

-When you first heard about Pirate101 coming out, what thoughts came to your mind? Did the game turn out to be like anything you imagined upon playing?
When Pirate101 was first announced I was excited and happy for Kingsisle for releasing their 2nd game! I thought the battle system for it was very unique and that it wasn't as similiar to wizard101 which is sometimes a good thing. I am very happy and glad that they kept P101 in the same spiral and have many similiar npc's and storylines mixed with Wizard101. It ties some loopholes in the story and hopefully we will see a crossover in the future? Who wouldn't love to cast some spells on ships and clash their swords in duels in Wizard city? :) The game had many twists and turns, and most importantly great storyline imo. When I play games the storyline and the twists during it really reels me in and thats what makes the game so enjoyable to play.

-Based on what you have seen in Pirate101 thus far, what are your opinions on the game, and what do you think could be done to make it even better?

Pirate101 is a great addition to the Kingsisle games franchise and it will grow just as much as Wizard101 did in its earlier stages. I look forward to see pvp added and maybe crafting?

I really think since P101 is revolved around companions, we should beable to mix them kind of like pets in Wizard101 to make hybrid companion mixes. Would be a nice twist!

-Are there any features that you hope will be implemented in Pirate101 in the feature?

Like I said, I think companion mixing would be a great addition to the game. Maybe fishing? Who wouldn't like to anchor their ship on the skyways and catch some spiral fish? Their could be different types/kinds and you could catch them and sell them at the nearest town for ingame gold? I would really love to see more than 4 people in a battle also, maybe some kind of Huge Dungeon where we are allowed to enter more than 4 players? Maybe 8 and their is a huge boss at the end with epic drops if you defeat him/her?

-You're the owner of Pirates of the Spiral, which is an official Pirate101 blog, right? How did you react when you noticed that your blog was accepted onto the official fansite listing?
When I first heard about Pirate101, I decided to try blogging out! I have read many of the blogs hosted for Wizard101, and decided I wanted to try it out. I asked Paige for tips about blogspot which is what I use for blogging. After a while, I got use to using it and all the pieces fell into place! When I found out that Pirates of the Spiral was accepted as an Official fansite, I was very honored and excited! Pirate101 is a great game and I am glad I can be a part of the great community and share my pirates adventures. When Pirate101 was announced, I also started my Twizard/Twirate twitter account to become involved in the twitter community. Its apart of the community that I missed out on and wanted to join so I did! Chris you were actually the first person who introduced me to everyone on twitter so I wanted to thank you for that!

-I've noticed that you are pretty amazing at graphics! How did you learn to make them so awesomely?
Thank you for your comment on my graphics! When I was in high school I loved taking art classes and loved drawing. Last year in college I decided to major in graphic designing and learn more about it. I have many years of experience using Photoshop and I just love creating things! Arts and graphics are one of my favorite things to do.

-What advice do you have for the bloggers in our community who wish to be official?
The advice I want to share with the bloggers who wish to become official is to continue blogging and resubmitting whenever you get the chance! Being Official isn't everything! If you love to blog then you will continue to blog and share your adventures of your wizards or pirates! (Tips tricks and guides etc..) Just keep continuing to be a part of the community and I'm sure you will get a chance to become official. As you know some come and go and spaces will need to be filled! So never give up!

-How do you feel about the controversy between llamas and alpacas? Which of the two would you rather have?
Hmm llamas or alpacas? I will have to go with alpacas! :) I use to play an MMO called eden eternal and the free mount you get in it is an alpaca! The one in the picture I attached is called the king alpaca mount which was a super rare mount you got by chance.

-Anything special you'd like to share with the readers?
I'd like to share with the readers that some new things will be coming to ! As you know I have an ongoing walkthrough of my Witchdoctor. Contests will be coming soon and all that good stuff and I hope you all continue to enjoy PotS! Thank you for the interview chris! This was very fun!

Thanks for the sweet interview, Johnny!
What do you guys think about Johnny, and which question would you say is your favorite?

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


  1. Nice post! I think Johnny is very very creative and my favorite question is the alpaca versus llama one! Who doesn't love something random? :-P

  2. I totally agree with Richard. That had to be my favourite. If it wasn't the Alpacas, I would say the one about improving P101 with Companion Hybrids. Very imaginative and very interesting to visualise ^^

  3. This Interview was awesome; you guys asked great questions and it also a way for people to know johnny personally and how he joinned wizard101 and pirate101. I rate this a 10!

  4. Love the Interview. Johnny is an awesome member of w101, p101 and central that has been really helpful to all :D.


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