Friday, November 9, 2012

Pirate101 Interview with Edward LifeGem!

Ahoy there maties!

I've gotten the honor of interviewing Edward LifeGem, the owner of Around the Spiral with Edward LifeGem

Edward LifeGem's Pirate101 character name is Edward.

I hope you all enjoy the interview!

Ahoy, Edward!
First of all, I'd like to thank you for this awesome interview.
Below are a few questions for you about Pirate101.

-Could you tell us about your Pirate101 character, Edward?

Edward --
I created my character, Edward, on October 8th during the beginning of the one-week headstart. I didn't know what class to choose because all of the classes on Pirate101 are really great classes. I noticed Friendly was a witchdoctor, and he said a lot of great things about that school, so I created one! I love this school so much, its very easy to quest if you use the right hits on enemies. Witchdoctor might be my favorite school now! Recently I made a blog post about defeating Deacon in Cool Ranch, wow he's a very hard person to defeat. I died two times trying to defeat him. Third time is a charm though for some reason. After that I finally made it to the last world, Mooshu, Its a very beautiful world and I'm sure everyone will like it. I'm level 39 so far, just about 40! I'm Hoping to quest through Pirate101 a lot more this weekend and next week to complete Mooshu.

-What type of ship do you ride around in the Skyways?

Edward --
Right now I'm sailing around in a Mooshu Frigate I won from fighting Deacon in Cool Ranch. It's named the Northern Flower. My flag has a Dark blue Star background with a bat in a moon. It's a very great Pirate ship, I've been sailing around in it since I made it to Mooshu. I think it's my favorite Pirate Ship so far.

-What do you usually do when your on Pirate101?

Edward --
Right now I'm doing ship battles to level with nautical experience. I made it to Mooshu, but I wasn't the right nautical level. Paige MoonShade says the right nautical level for Mooshu is level 30-35, I'm only level 26! So I'm behind on Nautical leveling. When I'm not busy with nautical leveling or leveling my Pirate, I usually farm for gold so I can buy better ship equipment and gear!

-Your website became an official Pirate101 fansite yesterday! How did you feel when you were first notified about this?

Edward -- 
I still can't believe it! Yesterday I actually had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Yesterday I submitted Atswel (Around the Spiral with Edward LifeGem), I had a good feeling about this, better than any time I submitted Atswel for anything. I went offline for an hour and couldn't believe my eyes when I logged back on to view Twitter. I kept seeing Congratulations and stuff, I thought I won a contest or something! I noticed Fansite, and I was saying no way to myself because I submitted my site an hour before! I looked at the email and Tom said Atswel did make it to the Fansite List! I was freaking out and I made a post about it (could barely type) to thank everyone. I like thanking everyone for what all of you did because you made this happen, without you this wouldn't have came true :)

-Are you going to apply to become an official Wizard101 fansite as well?

Edward --
Before my site became a Pirate101 Fansite, I was thinking about it. I decided yesterday not to though. I noticed that there are so many people like me that want to help everyone with their new Fansite and all. I'm not going to take that chance away from them, they are capable of making it to the Wizard101 Official Fansite list! I know a few that could submit and make it right away :) I would like everyone else to have their chance for their site. Here's my advice that many great friends have gave me, NEVER GIVE UP!

-Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Edward -- 
One dream may be impossible to come true at one time, it doesn't mean it won't come true the next time. I've noticed that when submitting my site. If you're planning on submitting your site make sure you know that you're submitting for a FANsite. It always has fans in the beginning, that means they made it happen :) They made it happen for Atswel, and I am very thankful. I will always remember 11/8/12 even when I quit playing (Which will be probably 2014) 

Big thanks to Edward for the amazing interview!

Also, later today, there will be a new thing added to That Swashbuckler! Do you think you know what it is? Comment below with your guesses! 

Cya in the Stormgates!


  1. Maybe so guides for Pirate101? That would be really helpful

  2. I'm horrible at guessing lol. Great interview though :D

  3. Thanks for the interview! It was awesome :)

  4. Thanks for the interview, it was awesome and you had great questions :)

  5. Nice post! I never guess right but I think the feature is guides? I would love that :) Thanks for the cool site!!!!

  6. Thanks for your comments! We love seeing new comments everyday! :)

  7. Great Interview about Pirate101 I love these interview posts great idea That Swashbuckler


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