Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pirate101 12 Month Membership Sale!

Ahoy me maties! Haven't gotten t' do much in Pirate101 because o' no crowns or membership? Well guess what?! Pirate101 12 month membership be on sale for a limited time! Gettin' a 12 month membership in Pirate101 will definitely be enough t' finish Pirate101! 
 As a Pirate101 Game Member, you get:
  • Access t' ALL Game Worlds
  • 50% Larger Backpack Inventory
  • 20% Larger Friends List
  •  Ability t' Post on Pirate101 Message Boards
  • More Chat Options

So what be you waitin' for? And even better, for a limited time only, t' membership be on sale for $59.95! So you better hurry and get that membership before it goes back up t' $80! 
Cya in t' Stormgates!


  1. Can u give me crown name kevinbonilla12 plz

    1. I'm sorry but the only way to obtain crowns or a membership from us, is from entering our contests listed above on the 'Contests' Page!

      -Alexander da Coolest

  2. My name is kevinbonilla12 can u give me a merbership


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