Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Final Days of Life- The Boochbeard Bundle

Ahoy there mateys,
It's Chris, back here on the blog!

Fellow pirates, it appears we have a very concerning situation.. Th' Boochbeard Bundle be leaving!
Apparently Capt'n Boochbeard was found guilty for stealing barrels of yum and was sentenced to be eaten by a Sky Squid.
Captain Avery does not want ol' Boochbeard to be remembered, so he has ordered for th' Boochbeard bundle to be retired on November 11th.
If you have not, I strongly recommend purchasing this $89 bundle, which is probably the best offer that Kingsisle has ever made.

Here's an explanation of why one may find it reasonable to buy this epic bundle:
The bundle comes with either a 12-month membership, or 60,000 crowns, depending on which you decide to purchase, as well as, amazing gear, a very fast mount, a HUGE house, a cute little Skarakeet pet, and a fierce Cat Pirate companion! Doing several calculations, and comparing this bundle to the Wizard101 bundles, I've discovered that this is actually a great deal- Here's why:
Most Wizard101 bundles come with a house, pet, mount, gear, castle space elixir, and 5,000 crowns or a 1-month membership. Discarding the cost of the crowns/membership on these bundles ($10), the items come up to a total of $29. The 12-month membership/60,000 crowns costs $80.
When added together, this gives a $109 dollar value, meaning you save $19.
This is only based on my calculations, actually. Many others would have their own, but to me, I am a fan of this bundle.

My personal comments on the bundle are that everything has wow'ed me so far.
The Cat Pirate is a fun companion and strong one to have on my crew, so is my little Skarakeet!
The gear is very powerful and makes things easier for me, giving me great damage, being a Swashbuckler.
The house is wonderful, and makes me feel like I am all alone in tropical paradise. One could easily get lost in there, due to it's size and fantastic looks.
The mount is very fast, big, and I love his colors absolutely!

I really think Kingsisle made a fantastic bundle, and in a few years, I can't wait to 'show-off' and brag about how I was one of the earliest Pirate101 players and have the equipment and prove it. ;)

Check out the pictures below!
Parrot Mount

Cat Pirate companion

Skarakeet pet and Ruby Slicer weapon.

Volcano Island house
So, what do you think of the Boochbeard bundle based on what you have seen/read?
Have you already bought it, or are you planning to before it retires?
Feel free to leave us a comment below with your responses!

Happy Sailing, young pirates.


  1. I am a HUGE fan of the BoochBeard Bundle!
    Thankfully, I was able to snatch a bundle before it leaves in 3 days.
    I can't wait to redeem my Ruby Slicer! =)

  2. Nice post. I bought it two days ago :D I so love the gear and agree when you said its probably the best offer ever!


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