Sunday, June 17, 2012

Avast Ye Pirates!

Aargh ye pirates!
Welcome to That Swashbuckler!

Let me tell ye a wee bit about myself.
My name is Chris, better know as TheDrakeFlame on the communities.
I have been playing Wizard101 since late 2009, but that doesn't matter!
Soon I'll be a Pirate101 player, and a Swashbuckler too!
Since the game isn't open to just anyone yet, for now you can expect to see Pirate101 updates and news.

Also, remember to sign up for a chance to be a Pirate101 Beta tester below!

Click the image above for your chance to register for a ticket into P101's beta!

Well, I guess that be all fer now!

Don't forget to follow this blog!

Happy Sailing young pirates!

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