Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Pirate's Directory- Your Social Pirate101 Guide

Avast ye mateys!
Just thought I'd make a short post informing y'all of the official Pirate101 accounts, communities, and fansites!
Let's begin, shall ye?

*Official Pirate101 accounts:

-Twitter: @Pirate101_Avery (!/Pirate101_Avery)
Pirate101 has no verified Twitter account at the moment, so they have been tweeting from Captain Avery's official account! Follow today!


*Pirate101 Communities:

From the creators of Wizard101 Central, comes Pirate101 Central! Join these kid-friendly forums today!

The Twitter Pirate101 community is a friendly and supportive one. When you join, you can use the hashtag #Twirates to get yourself known as a future Pirate101 player on Twitter!

When Pirate101 is released to all, many Pirate101 players are expected to make fantasy Facebook accounts, such as the current Wizard101 community there. However, the Facebook community is unlikely to be kid-friendly or safe. Only join if you are ages 13+!



-Pieces of 8 Radio:
From the hosts of Ravenwood Radio, come a Pirate101 podcast, Pieces of Eight Radio! Listen LIVE on SOME(not all) Wednesdays at 8:30pm CST time! For a countdown until the next Po8R, view the widget on the right side of this blog!


Well, that's all as of this moment. 

Don't forget to follow this blog!

Happy Sailing Young Pirates!

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