Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When Sky Squids Attack!

Aargh me fellow pirates!

I just have two words for you- Sky Squid!

J Todd Coleman has just shared one of the questions which help determine your pirate's school! It's just not as pleasant as I would expect, yarrr!
Here it is:

So tell me, how were your parents eaten by a sky squid, yarr?

So I guess that Commander Gandry really is Boochbeard's apprentice, or his brain/bodyguard after all!

Haha, I just hope I answer the questions properly to become a Swashbuckler, right? Ho-ho-ho!!

Onto even bigger news, Ambrose2Zeke's Pirate101 Hub has become an official Pirate101 Fansite! 
Yarr-har-har! Congrats John!
Don't be a forgetful one, and be sure to enter the contest for your chance and winning all that booty!

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

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