Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Pirate's Treasure- A Sneak Peek of Design & Fan Art!

Aargh ye ol' chaps!

Recently, J Todd Coleman has posted a picture on Facebook shows the art and sequence of when you begin Pirate101.
Check the picture below: 

J Todd Coleman adds, and I quote:
another interesting look behind the curtain: sometimes when we need to do a dialogue sequence (usuallly connected to some important event, like character creation or a significant encounter) we'll break it into storyboard frames, the same kind that you might use when creating a movie or a TV show.

Well, I think that's very interesting! It begins with you in a prison, which I believe is Zenda. Afterwards, Commander Gandry, along with Boochbeard, enters and sets you out of the cell. There, I believe you name and personalize your pirate, and there's also a tutorial to teach you the combat style I'm guessing?
Yep, this game will be super interesting!

Just a little while ago, I tried to do a sketch of a fellow Swashbuckler, Morgan Latiffe:

I think it came out pretty well, don't you?

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

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