Friday, June 22, 2012

Ye Pirate101 Sneak Peek! (My Version)

AARGH! There be some interesting news for ye pirates!

You all get to see a sneak peek of Pirate101, that no one has seen before!

Before I show y'all the epic photos, I have to show you ONE picture:
Kelsey and Chris are all pumped to explore Pirate101!


Now, fasten yer booty to the poop deck, cause you're about to see excitin' pictures of the game!

Without f'rther ado, I give ye...

Yarr! These pirates seem to be puttin' up a hectic fight!

This doesn't surprise ye.. Them scoundrels do anything fer booty!

Seems that Kelsey was taken hostage! This pirate capt'n sure is putting up a fight!

Now, onto even bigger news, Captain Avery has asked a very 'question-y' question this week- Which flag will your ship have?


Also, I love looking at the Pirate101 fan-art!

Do you have some skills in Art and would like to have your creations shown on
If you do, then... send it in an email to or mail it to us at KingsIsle Entertainment, P.O. Box 82543, Austin TX USA,78708 and be sure to include your character's name!
So I leave ye with four simple words-

Happy Sailing, young pirates!


Please note that this post is not official and is only a fantasy interpretation. This is NOT actually Pirate101.

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