Monday, June 18, 2012

Pirate101 Community News & Concept/ Fan Art

Are you ready kids?
Aye-aye capt'n!

Well, I guess you're ready to see this concept art about the land of Mooshu that J Todd Coleman shared earlier! Check out the picture below!


Onto even bigger news, One-Eyed Jack, AKA The Friendly Necromancer, has started accepting official Pirate101 blogs & fansites!
As of this moment, there are only TWO official blogs/sites:

-Paige's Page:

-The Pirate101 Skyways on Stars of the Spiral:

Below, there's a drawing which I did today, though I'm not an artist. They're suppose to be a boy and girl Swashbuckler.

Happy Sailing, young pirates!

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